Technology is growing at an unparalleled rate yet your career hasn’t kept up. Are you making some serious mistakes or you not doing enough to get the recognition you deserve? Take charge with these 5 steps and use our tips along the way:

1. Establish your personal brand 

Demonstrate your expertise and breadth of experience by becoming a Certified Professional. An ACS certification is recognized by Australian federal, state and territory governments and is mark of expertise. If you’re already a CP, we’ve got exclusive resources to help you keep your certification & CPD current.

2. Expand your network and make it work for you 

Meet other industry professionals and leaders and create networks that work for your growth. The conversation of a great project or your next gig could start at an ACS event.

3. Understand skills gaps and fill them through upskilling

Use ACS’ exclusive mySFIA tool to understand which skills you need to develop to further your career. Without this knowledge, you risk stagnating in your career.

4. Get new skills to thrive in future roles

Once you’ve identified the skills you need for growth, use our extensive library of learning modules, digital assets, vendor certification mock tests, recorded webinars and events to upskill. This step can unlock new opportunities along the way.

5. Be on top of industry trends

Use our proprietary reports, publications and newsletters to get informed on the latest in tech and industry trends. Be seen as a tech guru by your boss and peers.



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"I joined ACS almost 14 years ago. From the beginning of my journey, I had the privilege to interact with other members, share and learn technical viewpoints and participate in useful and constructive events. ACS leaders motivated me to further my study into data science. Consequently, I completed my master’s degree in data science which has changed my viewpoints about how to become a better project manager and more efficient in my decision making. Looking back and as a senior member today, I believe joining ACS was one of the best decisions I have ever made throughout my professional career."

Calvin Mousavi, Project Manager / Scrum Master at InfoTechnology Pty Ltd

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