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We’re here to support you and your business with the right resources and connections.

At ACS, we understand your needs as a consultant, providing you the right support network to help take your business to the next level.

Making your work easier: Facilities and resources to help expand your business.

Making the numbers work: Exclusive solutions to help minimise your costs.

Making your connections work: Join a community that connects you to industry leaders, clients, and peers.

How We Can Help

As a consultant or startup founder in the tech industry your reputation is your currency. You want to move forward, build your profile, meet new clients and collaborators, and keep on top of technology trends.

The right protection: ACS provides complimentary public liability and indemnity insurance from a leading provider, as a benefit to our members.

The right information: Having information on future trends and emerging technologies is critical to a consultant. ACS has a wide range of industry insights and cutting-edge thought leadership that can drive your business forward.Our on-demand learning videos can help you keep your skills up-to-date and establish yourself as an expert.

The right connections: As a consultant or startup founder, your network is CRITICAL. ACS’ Innovation Hubs are the meeting place for Australia’s largest community of tech professionals, where you can meet the right people, find new opportunities, and create connections that can make the difference. Influence  the  direction  of  ICT in  Australia,  by  taking  part  in  ACS Boards and committees.

Get started: Move your business forward with ACS. Connect with us on LinkedIn, email, or phone us and we’ll help you grow.

There are so many reasons to join ACS as a member. Download the list of all ACS membership benefits as a pdf.