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ACS is the professional association for Australia’s ICT sector. We’re here to help you become a tech leader with the right industry knowledge and connections.

Join ACS as an ICT Professional and leverage your valued skills and experience to be at the forefront of the ICT industry, where you belong.

Take It To The Next Level: ACS gives you the industry knowledge to advance your career.

Become A Leader: Access to insights and research from global tech thought leaders.

Feel Supported: ACS is a community that connects you to established peers, employers and leaders.

How We Can Help

No matter how hard we push, or how high we reach, careers can plateau from time to time. New challenges, new skills, or a new direction entirely – what is the right next step for you? Why not talk to the experts?

Develop Your Skills: You’ve established yourself because of your skill, passion, and ambition. ACS can help you plan the next stage of your career. We have globally recognised pathways to help you identify your skill gaps, boost your capability, and take you to the next level.

Know What's Important: You’re an experienced professional wanting to make a real difference in your field. ACS has exclusive seminars, forums, roundtables, webinars, and whitepapers on all the newest and most important trends shaping your future.

Meet The Right People: Being part of ACS means you are part of Australia’s largest tech community. Engage with employers and learn what they’re looking for. Join an unrivalled peer network that’s growing every day. Connect with people who can make a difference to you.

Where To Get Started: Give your career the boost it needs. The first step is a conversation. Chat with us on LinkedIn, email, or phone, and we’ll show you how to get started.