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ACS is the professional association for Australia’s tech sector. We’re here to fast track your career with the right skills and connections.

Join ACS as a Young Professional and unleash your ICT potential in a dynamic tech environment. Discover how you can accelerate your career growth.

Accelerate your career: Gain the tools you will need to advance your career. Supplement your capability with emerging skills.

Take control: Get the sought after skills employers are looking for and compete for emerging career opportunities.

Get the advice you need: Join a community that connects you to leaders, employers, and peers.

How We Can Help

You’ve started your career in the tech industry. You’re doing well but you’d like to do better. Time to lift your game, aim higher, and boost your career. We can help you with that.

The right plan:  You know there is a path forward but don’t have a plan to take you there. Gaining the right skills and knowledge will accelerate your career. Supplement your education with relevant industry skills. Stay ahead of the curve with our globally recognised professional development programs. Stand out from your peers when competing for emerging career opportunities.

The right knowledge: Access an ever-evolving knowledge base – from industry reports, workshops, on-demand discounted courses for specialized skills, webinars featuring industry leaders and thought leadership reports. We have everything you need to become a sought after tech professional. 

The right advice: Connect with industry leaders and experienced professionals, people who were once in the same position as you. Be supported in your ICT career and wellbeing. Join an unrivaled community of tech professionals and make connections that will matter.

Get started: Lay the foundations for accelerated career growth. The first step is a conversation. Chat with us on Facebook, email, or phone us and we’ll get started together.

There are son many reasons to join ACS as a member. Download the list of all ACS membership benefits as a pdf.