Hackathon Entry Delivers Results

6th May 2020


  • ACS had organised the #flattenthecurvehack to help find innovative solutions to problems arising due to COVID-19
  • Team #personalfaceofscience, consisting of several ACS members, has now launched their website resulting from the hackathon. 
  • The website can help people without a science background understand the crisis and take action.

Team #personalfaceofscience is pleased to announce the launch of their website that resulted from the #flattenthecurvehack Hackathon. The site is now live at http://faceofscience.org/ . The goal of this site is to demystify COVID-19 for people without a science background and empower personal action. The site provides resources to reduce barriers, cues for taking personal action, and the ability to share personal action plans. This is intended to empower individuals to take positive action and share good ideas with other members of the community. Please consider registering for an account and logging in to share your personal strategy to flatten the curve!  Do you have a great personal solution for working from home, or to engage with others online? This is a great opportunity to share your approach with others. 

For more information, visit http://faceofscience.org.