ACS Launches New ACS Learning Accelerator

8th May 2020


  • New learning platform combines technical and professional courses and assets.
  • Members get access to new courses, prescribed learning journeys for current and future roles, vendor certification practise tests, certifications on completion and assessment of courses and recommendation for continual learning and skills development. 

Get the skills of tomorrow, today

ACS has transformed our digital learning experience for members, and we are excited to launch our new ACS Learning Accelerator.

The ACS Learning Accelerator combines technical and professional courses and assets to help our members upskill and reskill, keep their skills and knowledge current and to help you with that next career move.

The new Aspire Journeys include courses that weren’t previously available to all ACS members and these focus on assisting individuals with their skills redevelopment and career progression. Examples of these include learning pathways and journeys to help Enterprise Developers become DevOps Engineers or assisting Data Analysts to develop further skills and knowledge to assist them to become Data Scientists.

Prescribed learning journeys for current and future job roles are a defining feature of the ACS Learning Accelerator. Business courses such as Business Analysis, Project Management and Leadership are carefully crafted to elevate your professional and operational effectiveness and soft skill development. You’ll also be able to undertake vendor certification practice tests.

Upon successful completion and/or assessment of courses, you will earn a certificate to add to your portfolio as well as recommendations for continual learning and skill development. 

Accelerate your learning journey today. Read, watch or listen at your own pace through guided learning pathways, practical exercises and daily learning challenges designed to prepare you for the job roles of the future. Find out more