Substation 33 - Investing in People

18th May 2020


  • Substation 33 is a great example of the circular economy working to support the community in Logan. 
  • Read more about how you can get involved, through work experience or donating your used tech.

Aligned with our ethos of a circular economy, our social enterprise Substation 33 exchanges the usual cycle of make, use, dispose in favour of recycling, skills and innovation. 

Currently we are supporting local families by offering refurbished computers to assist children to complete their school work online, from home. Substation 33 is a great place to gain work experience, done a little differently - investing in you, while creating positive change in the community.

In providing an alternative option for electronic waste we empower people to develop employment skills in a supportive workplace. Through offering work placements, we provide a safe space to learn skills from industry professionals, see product design prototyping/manufacturing and experience innovation spaces, facilitation and mentoring. 

If you’d like to get involved as a volunteer, to undertake work experience, or if you have some quality used tech you’d like to donate, please contact:

Tony Sharp 
Founder, Substation33

P: 07 3826 1533 
M: 0439 843 706 



Substation 33, a social enterprise promoting circular economy is looking for volunteers and people interested in undertaking work experience. if you're interested, you can contact Tony Sharp, Founder of Substation 33 on the details above.