The Benefits of Professional Advice

18th May 2020


  • When you are starting a business, seeking guidance from accountants and lawyers about your organisation’s structure and employment arrangements can help you prepare an informed business plan and factor in triggers for growth.
  • Active Law, ACS Preferred Legal Partner, is providing a webinar on Employment law essentials for the tech profession on 17th June which is free for ACS members.

Modern business is bringing business operators more sophisticated clients who are demanding higher standards of performance from all professionals. You will know from your own business that by specialising in a particular area of your profession, you develop depth of knowledge and experience that allows you to deal with client challenges efficiently and provide them with meaningful solutions rather than a simple ‘band aid’ that comes from relying on books alone. 

When you are starting a business, it is important to seek guidance from accountants and lawyers about your organisation’s structure and employment arrangements. If you work with those people, you can prepare an informed business plan and factor in triggers for growth that will help you to prepare for, rather than react to it. Having a fabulous idea is the heart of your business and you do not want to lose your connection to that while you try to navigate the challenges of growing your business framework to give that idea life.

The best form of advice, when it comes to your business obligations, is pre-emptive advice. Knowing what hurdles you may face will help you to prepare to navigate or avoid them. While risk is inherent to challenges, not all risks are necessary and good advice will help you sort out what you can manage and what you will need help with. Many business operators have “lost their home” because they didn’t seek proper advice on structuring their business operations, before it was too late.

Acknowledging that you cannot know everything about everything is the first step toward good business management. The next step is to surround yourself with advisors who are experts in their fields. Even within an area of expertise, there is scope for specialisation. You would not go to a general surgeon to remove a brain tumour. Nor should you see a lawyer who specialises in family law for a business law issue.

If you have already launched into your brilliant idea and it is growing, getting advice about how to take it to the next level will help you to use your time and resources efficiently. The harsh reality is that many business owners ‘muddle through’ and do not see the risks when they first appear, particularly when employing staff. Unfortunately, it is often not possible to undo what has been done and those business owners can be faced with devastating consequences from their lack of planning.

We recommend that you build your support team of advisors and budget to engage them for advice before you make definite decisions, so you can prepare for your business growth and to avoid or minimise the risks that commonly arise.

Active Law can assist you with legal advice regarding:

  • Business; 

  • Workplace Relations/Employment; 

  • Intellectual Property;

  • Real and Personal Property; 

  • Body Corporate; 

  • Building and Construction; and 

  • Commercial Disputes/Litigation.

Whilst we can help you deal with problems that have arisen in your business, and we get a lot of practice at that, we are always excited when we can work with you ahead of time to identify and manage the risks, so your business can reach its potential.

You can contact the Active Law team at or call us on (07) 3160 0000.  

Active Law are offering ACS Queensland members a 10% discount off legal services up to $2,000, and a 5% discount thereafter. To take up this offer, just mention you are an ACS member when you contact the team on (07) 3160 0000 or email

Don’t miss the upcoming Active Law webinar, offered free for members:

Employment law essentials for the tech profession

Date: Wednesday 17 June

Time: 5.30pm – 6.30pm


For the first event with the Active Law team, Michelle Cowan will present on the topic of employment essentials for employers and employees, including the effect of current COVID-19 amendments. She will look at the things you must understand and comply with to minimise the risk of employment disputes and financial penalties for breach of employment obligations.

Michelle is an experienced workplace relations lawyer who has advised both employer and employee groups in state and federal jurisdictions. She has expertise in establishing strategic employment standards and in managing workplace disputes.

Michelle’s legal experience is augmented by her many years of direct management experience in large retail organisations, managing all aspects of the employment lifecycle for large groups of employees. Her practical experience assists her to provide pragmatic advice about how to navigate the complexities and risks that exist in the area of employment relations.

If you have any questions you would like addressed in the presentation, you can submit them to ACS Queensland and we will pass them onto Michelle so she can address them in the webinar.


Active Law are ACS Queensland’s Preferred Legal Partners. They are offering ACS Queensland members a 10% discount off legal services up to $2,000, and a 5% discount thereafter.