William Buck Launch Digital Economy Hub

18th May 2020


  • William Buck, ACS Preferred Accounting Partner for Queensland has launched a new digital economy hub with resources to help businesses take advantage of the Digital Economy
  • William Buck are also offering a webinar on 'The uncertain road to recovery - How to start planning your businesses resurgence no matter where the road leads' on 2nd June, free for ACS members

Having access to new markets or creating new products and services provides unlimited opportunity for your business and requires a structured, planned, and disciplined approach that incorporates both external and internal aspects of your business. Whether starting an E-Commerce business from scratch, adapting your current business to have a greater presence online and globally, or disrupting the status quo through new technology, the issues surrounding your business are complex and constantly changing and require the right advice to thrive.

To help you be across these areas, William Buck developed an online Digital Economy Hub, a place that you can find an array of valuable and relevant content that will keep you informed of all things necessary to help your business take advantage of the digital economy and ensure your business is up-to-date with the latest cloud accounting platforms, giving you access to your live data to make informed decisions about your business. Our videos, podcasts and articles are simple and easy to take-in no matter whether you’re at home or travelling abroad and we are continually updating them, bringing you the latest news to keep you informed.

Jump on and check out the William Buck Digital Economy Hub now and if you need more information, reach out to Scott Lindeblad (Brisbane) Scott.Lindeblad@williambuck.com or Laura Johnstone at William Buck (Gold Coast) Laura.Johnstone@williambuck.com.

Website: https://www.williambuck.com/aboutus/about-queensland/digital-economy/

Don’t miss the upcoming William Buck webinar, offered free for members:

The uncertain road to recovery – How to start planning your businesses resurgence no matter where the road leads

Date: Tuesday 2 June

Time: 7pm – 8pm

Registration:  https://bit.ly/3bq9w8k


William Buck are ACS Queensland’s Preferred Accounting Partners. They have recently launched a 'Digital Economy Hub' with resources for businesses to make the most of  the digital economy.