Congratulations to the Latest NSW Certified Members

29th June 2020


  • Develop your people and strengthen your ICT capability through ACS certification
  • Future-proof yourself for market expectations of ICT credentials
  • Be part of a growing group of ICT professionals increasingly recognised by employers, clients and government bodies

ACS supportsprofessionalism in ICT andthe public recognition for ICT professionals.One of the initiates ACS offered in response to the COVID-19 crisis, was the opportunityfor Associate members to apply for complimentary certification assessment by 30 June 2020.

By becoming an ACS Certified Professional or Certified Technologist, our members could show that they area rounded professional with competence in theirfield, convey the breadth of ICT knowledge and their commitment to ethical practice and lifelong learning.

Certification is also an opportunity for our members to future-proof themselves for the next phase of their career journey.

The ACS NSW Branch would like toacknowledge our newest Certified Professionals and Certified Technologists in NSW:

  • Adam Daniels MACS CT
  • Amit Bhasin MACS Snr CP
  • Angelo Ragasa MACS CT
  • Ashwin Pal MACS CP
  • Asif Gill MACS CP
  • Benjamin Barry MACS CP
  • Ben McMullen MACS Snr CP
  • Christian Wright MACS CP
  • Clesio Silva MACS CT
  • Dan Humphrey MACS Snr CP
  • Dassana Wijesekara MACS Snr CP
  • Devendra Kumar Kakkar MACS CP
  • Gangasuthan ThalayasinghamMACS CT
  • Geoffrey Croxson MACS CP
  • Guandong Xu MACS Snr CP
  • Iman Yousefi MACS CT
  • Imran Hussain MACS CT
  • Jesus Rojas MACS CP
  • Johannes Jacobus Hermanus Steyn MACS CP
  • Joseph Galati MACS CP
  • Laxman Belbase MACS CP
  • Lisa Bouari MACS CP
  • Md Sarwar Kamal MACS CP
  • Michael O'Neill MACS CP
  • Mohammad Nazmul Haque MACS CP
  • Peter DoddsSnr CP
  • Ping Lam PhilLau MACS CP
  • RubanBajracharya MACS CT
  • Sihil Piyasiri MACS Snr CP
  • Simon Hallewell MACS CP
  • Simon Leung MACS CP
  • Susanne Norris MACS Snr CP
  • Tamer Galil MACS CP
  • Thanuja Sudheera Edirisinghe MACS Snr CP
  • Timothy Notley MACS CT
  • Toto Liong MACS Snr CP
  • Vincenzo Alaia MACS CP
  • Vinit Nair MACS CP
  • Yasantha Samarasinghe MACS CP
  • Yuan-Teng Lim MACS CP
  • Yvonne Bachiller MACS CP
  • Zakir Hossain MACS CP

If you would like to join the community of ACS certified professionals and technologists and be recognised with ICT credentials, you can apply for ACS Certified assessment here.