ACS Fellows Scheme – Acknowledging Those Advancing Our Industry

30th June 2020


  • A Fellow of ACS is a person who has made a distinguished contribution to the field of ICT in Australia and is a member of the professional division of ACS. 
  • To be awarded an ACS Fellow is one of the highest honours that ACS bestows.
  • Read more about how you or a colleague can apply. 

1. What is the ACS Fellows scheme?

To be awarded an ACS Fellow is one of the highest honours that ACS bestows. As defined in the national regulations, it is awarded to a person who has made a distinguished contribution to the field of information and communications technology in Australia. Distinguished contribution means a notable, recognised and positive influence within the information technology and/or in the field of information technology management, above and beyond normal expectations. To find out more about an ACS Fellowship visit You can also read about ACS Membership Guidelines here.

2. How do I apply?

The process to apply for ACS fellowship is easy. Nominations forms and support documents can be accessed via the ACS website, and ACS are always on hand to assist members who are eligible and eager to take their membership to an elevated level.  
When populating the fellowship nomination forms, you must ensure you have completed all components of the document for your nomination to be reviewed, including – 

  • Details of a nominator – This must be an ACS member. 
  • Details of two referees – Including a written reference from each. (Referees must also be ACS members).

Accompanying your nomination, you will also be required to supply –

  • A current curriculum vitae.
  • Any relevant certificates or documents to support the nomination are also encouraged.

If you’d like support from your local branch to best prepare your nomination, simply reach out to your Branch Manager or Branch Chair and they can connect you with your local Branch Fellows Committee or designated fellows’ representative to assist you in preparing your nomination for submission. 

3. What does the review and approvals process entail?

Completed nomination forms can be submitted via the local branch staff, Branch Fellows Committee or Chair. The nomination and accompanying documents will be reviewed by the Branch Fellows Committee or designated fellows’ representative who will provide any feedback (if required). If the nomination requires no further amendments, it will be sent to an external assessor to conduct a point scoring assessment as outlined in the nomination criteria. 

Should the nomination meet all requirements and be supported by the Branch Fellows Committee, it will then be circulated with the Branch Executive Committee who will review the nomination and vote to endorse the nomination. If endorsed, the nomination is then elevated to the National Fellows Committee (NFC) to deliberate. 

The NFC convene on a regular basis to discuss submitted nominations and determine whether they’re worthy of attaining ACS Fellowship based on the criteria and evidence provided. It approved by the NFC, the nomination reaches its last step in the process and is presented to Management Committee for final endorsement.  

Should the nomination not be endorsed or require amendments based on feedback from the National Fellows Committee or Management Committee, it will be returned to the nominating group or nominator with actions/details outlined.

4. Criteria for Eligibility

Distinguished contribution means a notable, recognised and positive influence within the ICT community, above and beyond normal expectations.

The following guidance is offered as an example of the form this might take, with a nominee being able to claim a distinguished contribution in one or more of these areas:

  • An emphasis on leadership and going above and beyond what is normally expected from a person in his/her position;
  • A deep understanding of the particular industry and emerging technologies and implications for business, initiatives on the development of professionalism, being widely recognised as a leader within industry, holding a leadership position on strategic development within organisations and in positions critical to organisational success;
  • Leadership in their area of specialisation (demonstrated by qualification, research, publications), a deep understanding of educational programs and delivery mechanisms to develop professionals, and managing the development and delivery of advanced programs;
  • A substantial contribution to the profession at a national and international level; or 
  • A significant contribution to government policy in an area of specialisation.

The above factors are illustrative only.

The applicant must also:

  • Be a member of the professional division of the Society; AND

  • Have a minimum of eight years practical experience in the art and practice of information technology (excluding time spent as an undergraduate student) of which at least five must have been in a position/s from which the actions of the nominee have resulted in outcomes which can be seen to support the ‘distinguished contribution’;


  • Satisfy at least one of the following:

    • Be a resident in Australia or one of its Territories; OR
    • Be an Australian citizen; OR
    • Have spent no fewer than five years in Australia actively engaged in the art and practice of information technology, or in the direction, teaching or training of persons in the art and practice of information technology.

5. How does the ACS Fellows scheme benefit my ICT career journey?

An ACS Fellow award recognises distinguished contribution to the field of ICT in Australia. Fellowship is one of the highest honours you can achieve – it means you are amongst the best of the best.

6. If I am recognised as a Fellow, what title can I use? Can I use this on my organisation’s marketing material?

You are awarded the post nominals FACS – Fellow of ACS.   Yes, it can be used on all marketing material.

7. Who do I contact for further information?

Contact Brian von Konsky, Member, ACS National Fellows Committee ( or Darren Roxburgh, State Manager, ACS WA (