ECU Cyber Security Scholarship Awards

30th June 2020


  • We put a spotlight on two ACS Student members awarded an ECU Cyber Security Scholarship. 
  • Read more about these students and why they chose a career in Cyber Security.

Hannah Rice

My decision to study cyber security came about through a number of factors. I went to school in Tom Price, the smallest senior high school in WA. We had moved there so my dad could be Head of Department for Information & Technology. In year 11 he was my teacher for TEE Computer Studies! There was also an excellent maths teacher at that school, Mr. Godfrey, and he inspired a love of maths in me and many of my peers.

After school I moved to Perth and started out earning money as a swimming teacher and a pizza delivery driver. I then followed my passion for the theatre. I completed a three-year degree at ECU Mt Lawley, double majoring in contemporary performance and theatre studies.

I got a part-time job at Bunnings, and after a year I moved from the checkouts into their special orders department. This was a fast-paced role that required me to be familiar with over 65,000 products and assist in the supply of them through three separate, intricate information systems. I learnt how to design kitchens and install bathroom products, and the maths involved when solving customer problems would remind me of this other passion of mine. The role at Bunnings, while demanding, was thoroughly enjoyable and full of opportunities. In 2018 I accepted a role as trade specialist at Bunnings Broome then fell pregnant shortly after. I knew I was done with full time work at Bunnings, but it took a full year before I realised I wanted to study cyber security.

Now I have a one-year old son and five nieces. I envision a future for them where they can navigate the internet safely. To aid them in this, and provide financial security for my family, it is necessary that I complete this course. I feel I can make a worthwhile contribution in the field of computer science.

Jacynta Grigson

I am a first year Cyber Security student at Edith Cowan University. I have worked in hospitality for almost fifteen years and have tried many times to change my career, but each path I have attempted just didn’t seem to be the right fit. Last year I was diagnosed with tennis elbow in both arms and was recommended to change careers; which made my want to change career, become a need. I had thrown the idea around for years about studying Cyber Security, but it wasn’t until I attended an interview for a café in a university that I was inspired to apply to study. Just being on the campus and seeing other students around made me realise this was the right direction for me to follow. I chose to take the plunge into Cyber Security because of my love for mathematics and technology; along with my fascination with the dark web. With the industry being in high demand, I know this path will be rewarding and already this early in my studies, it has proven to be. Being awarded the Cyber Security CRC scholarship has been an honouring experience and has given me the overwhelming feeling that this career path is the one for me. When I graduate, I would love to specialise in cryptography and the dark web.