River City Labs invite you to join the Activate Program Founders journey in their final Demo and Pitch event.

30th June 2020


  • Join the free RCL Activate Program Demo and Pitch event, and hear the ‘why’ from an impressive line-up of startup founders.

The Activate Program at River City Labs has given the opportunity for 9 early stage founders to validate their idea, commercial plan, product and potential scale in the right markets. This is delivered through an intensive 4-week program, supported by RCL Mentors and Entrepreneurs in Residence.

Now it’s time to showcase their business to the broader community and to solidify their place in the startup ecosystem. 

You are invited to our Digital Demo and Pitch Event on the 3 July, that will be streamed live at 4pm AEST. 

Come and meet the founders and support them as they pitch and demonstrate the value their business will bring to the world.

Who are the Activate Founders? 

Dr Padma Gadiyar  - Founder of Smilo

Alexandros Collivas  - Founder of Improov

Shirley Farrell  - Founder of Senza Carta

Paul Brennan & Kristen Brennan  - Co-Founders of Trieste

Hugh Armitage & Keagan Chisnall - Co-Founders of Medicly

Pete Lock & David Funch  - Co-Founders of Press Won

Alex Taylor - Founder of DashUp

Glenn Neuber  - Founder of MaxusAI

Nadene King & Janine Pollard   - Co-Founders of Covet Cast


Register here to join.