5 Minutes With... Daniel Dovico MACS CP, Director, Computer Services & Technologies Pty Ltd

28th July 2020


  • Daniel Dovico MACS CP has been an ACS Member for 21 years

  • Daniel is the Director of Computer Services & Technologies, specialising in providing ICT solutions & services to businesses

  • Daniel is a Certified Professional through the ACS. Certification demonstrates that members are rounded professionals with competence in their field, breadth of ICT knowledge and commitment to ethical practice and lifelong learning.

1. Tell us about your career in IT? 

My interest in computing started from a young age - the first computer I ever used was a Dick Smith System 80.

My first IT job was during high school, working part-time in the Sydney office of a multi-national PC & components manufacturer. 

When I started working full time, I spent several years working for technology resellers and a distributor before moving into corporate IT, where I spent over 13 years in different roles including Project Management, Technical Services and Compliance. 

When I left corporate IT in 2013, I undertook some consulting work up until 2015. It was then that I had the opportunity to join Computer Services & Technologies (“CSTech”) as a Director which is where I am today. 

The company specialises in providing ICT solutions & services to businesses and has a very diverse client base, so my days are spent on a wide range of matters. This can vary from working on a new business opportunity and day-to-day operational matters, right through to Project Management work - which I've been doing for over 2 years now for the APAC CIO of a large corporate client.

2. What knowledge or wisdom would you pass onto the early professionals in IT?

Once you know what area of ICT really interests you, stick with it and be sure to continue improving your skills along the way.  

Don’t give up when you think it’s all too hard – perseverance is key and don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.

Having a good mentor who can guide you, especially during those early years of your ICT career, can be really beneficial.

3. How do you find tech has evolved since you joined the ACS 21 years ago?

Technology has evolved quite significantly compared to 21 years ago - tech is everywhere now and is an integral part of our lives. As an example, consider toll collection - all those years ago this was done manually and you had to queue up at the toll booth. All that is in the past now since e-Tag's were introduced. We take it for granted, but this kind of transformation was the result of advancements in many different technologies. 

4. How do you see tech evolving in the next 10 years?

I wouldn’t be surprised if SSD and M.2 storage completely replaces Hard Disk Drive storage (similar to what happened when LCD computer screens replaced CRT ones).

I think we’ll see a lot more ‘smart home’ type technologies being implemented within office environments as well.


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