Call for ACS Student Volunteers!

26th Aug 2020


  • Pulteney Grammar School is hosting the First LEGO League regional competition at Pulteney on Sunday 8th November and is looking for volunteers to act as ‘Project Judges’

Information about the role

First LEGO League Competition is a STEM-based initiative which involves students working in a small group to complete various challenges. There are three core parts to the challenge. Firstly, students are required to design a LEGO robot and then program the device to complete a series of tasks. The second part of the competition involves an inquiry project. Teams are expected to independently research a topical issue and propose a suitable solution. They work with an industry mentor to complete this task. The final part of the competition is determined by how the students demonstrate the application of the core values of First LEGO League, which include teamwork, “Co-operation” and “Gracious Professionalism”. More information regarding this competition can be found at This year the competition theme is Game Changer

Judges work in groups of 3 to interview teams to determine how well they have worked together to complete the tasks described above. Each team has a designated half hour time slot with judges. 

Those wishing to volunteer for a judging role will need to undertake a short online training course prior to the event and have a Working with Children check and Reporting Abuse and Neglect training, another short online certification. 

The competition is scheduled to take place Sunday 8 November 8:30am – 4:30pm at Pulteney Grammar School. Lunch, refreshments and LOTS of gratitude will be provided to all volunteers. 

If you would like to be put in touch with the organisers please email in the first instance.