5 Minutes With... Samina Mobin, ACS Professional Year Student Member 

30th September 2020


  • This week we interviewed ACS Professional Year Student Member Samina Mobin.
  • Currently working as a Software Support Analyst, she has been an active volunteer while studying at Swinburne University of Technology and worked as a professional PTE Tutor.
  • She has found the mySFIA tool very useful in mapping her competencies and understanding areas of growth.

1. Please tell us something about yourself.

I  completed  my  Bachelor’s  degree  from  Swinburne  University  of  Technology  in Information and Communication Technology in 2018. It was a 3-year course which allowed me to get hands on experience in implementing my key study areas (such as System   Analysis,  Web  Development,  Project   Management, IT   Security   & Information Management) through involvement in several university projects. I have worked as a Swinburne Volunteer during my 1st year of the course and received Certification of Appreciation for Mentorship as well as for achieving Distinction in my Final year Capstone Project under Glen Eira Council’s Bus Ed Program. Starting  from a Customer  Service  position  in  Woolworths  Supermarkets,  I  have worked as a professional PTE Tutor in Melbourne PTE Study Centre and currently working full-time as Software Support Analyst in the company Progenesis Holdings, who are a leading provider of Property Management Softwarein Australia.I am currently preparing myself to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a System Analyst  as  I  would  like  to  utilize  my  knowledge  and  skills  of  analysis  acquired through  my  degree.  I am  keen  for  a  career  transition  as  System  Analyst  or  Project Manager in future. 

2. What do you enjoy most about working in the tech industry?

The best part of the IT industry is that, it allows meritocracy and values the work of their employees instead of the number of years worked in theirresume or based on seniority through their age. This industry appreciates creativity and energy equally.Working  in  the  tech  industry  allows  for  an  opportunity  to  acquire  more  skills  as  I work along with an optimistic environment. Technology helps me to come up with creative solutions and the change is so rapid in this industry that the employees never feel bored.

3. What is the key piece of advice you would give someone interested in making the move to the ICT Industry?

ICT Industry is constantly changing, while new technologies develop every year, it is crucial for anyone working in this industry to keep themselves updated with the latest knowledge and skill related to the new technologies being implemented in the sector. Communication  skills  along  with  developing  customer  service  skills  while  having patience is the key to succeed, as sometimes the customers at the other end who are being dealt with might not have technical training or knowledge. One needs to aim for  excellence  and  be  thoughtful  towards  their  career  as  it  is  important  to  consider what is important and what makes one feel happy about their work.

4. Tech changes fast. How do you keep your skills up-to-date?

I  remain  curious  in  learning  and  adapting  to  new  skills  to  keep  myself  up  with  the latest technology. I prefer participating in network seminars and explore to the latest technologies while finding some small real-world problems and utilizing tech to come up  with  solutions  to  those  problems.  Participating in  Reddit  discussions  and subscribing to mailing list of the tech companies also goes a long way to keep myself updated with the latest news in the industry.

5. Who is your tech mentor or a leader that inspires you and why?

The most inspiring leader for me is undoubtedly Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of the  biggest  E-Commerce  marketplace  in  the  world,  Amazon.com.  He  started  his venture from a garage and turned it to the most renown E-Commerce portal.I  always  follow  his  interviews  and  latest  news  and  get to  learn  a  lot  from  him.  He always inspires not  to follow the  crowd while  thinking  for the long-term goals and not being pushed back by failures. He is one of the best entrepreneurs who believes in  forming  small  teams  for  achieving  success  in  the  business while  focusing  on customer service along with the basics to attain success. Following him as a mentor is always inspiring for me to build determination and sticking to progress towards a better career path.

6. How has ACS membership supported your career journey in tech?

The most valuable opportunity I received through ACS membership is using the mySFIA tool to understand  my competencies and potentials, which helped me identify my areas of growth required for professional development along with acquiring skills and building career plan.I have also been able to keep myself updated with the latest trends in the tech sector with the  membership.  It has provided  me with  webinars and  virtual events  where  I could  acquire  knowledge  and  get  inspired  by  the  leaders.  I  came  across  to  some training videos, insights from the tech leaders and working profile of employees from various organisations which is very valuable and important for career growth.


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