5 Minutes With... Calvin Mousavi

8th September 2020


  • Calvin Mousavi has been a member of ACS for 13 years. 
  • He shares his journey from a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, to roles in project management and app development, and back to further post graduate study.

1. Tell us about your tech career and study journey to date.

Shortly after completing my Bachelor’s in Software Engineering, I found myself quite confident in managing IT projects.

Understanding the structure of Agile Project Management, and the business environments, I have managed several projects for more than 15 years. The critical elements in being a successful Project Manager for me was to understand the importance of communicating and having sufficient knowledge about the product I was managing. One lesson to learn in Project management is that you manage assets, not people! 

In early 2010, I started working on Digital Publishing Suite (Adobe DPS), the new platform which Adobe had offered to digitise printed publications into apps. By 2015 I digitised more than 15 magazines and ten books into App Store and Play store. 

As a result, I have become the first developer to publish interactive App books with audio-visual articles in the App Store and Play Store. Working with Adobe for more than six years, I turned my focus into more sophisticated apps. Consequently, in 2018 after almost 18 months, I designed and managed two notable apps for insurance industries in Brisbane and Sydney. 

In early 2018 and after being almost 20 years in business, I decided to continue my study in data science at QUT. Being a father, running a business, and studying was quite frustrating and overwhelming. However, understanding the importance of education in my future career motivated me throughout my study to manage to finish my masters with high GPA finally. 

2. How did you determine which area of tech you wanted to specialise in?

You have first to understand the market and its job opportunity. It is also essential to follow your passion. Studying and researching in several fields in information technology and after consulting with academical supervisors, I chose to study data science. Studying data science require a fair bit of knowledge in mathematics, statistics, programming and finally, project management. Interestingly halfway through my study, I have found myself interested in the field of research. I believe one of the advantages of studying masters for me was to know what other areas I could be excited to follow for my future career.

3. What tips would you provide now to your graduate self?

Computer Science is evolving and exponentially growing. The best advice I would give was to study more and never stop learning. 

4. What’s next on your career path?

Shortly after finishing my Masters, I felt quite confident to continue my education. Interested in IoT, Smart Cities and HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), while still pursuing my business, I wish to complete my PhD and start my new career in teaching and researching.

5. How has ACS supported your career journey in tech?

Being a member of ACS for 13 years, I have been continually been encouraged in studying the latest developments in IT, along with having the privilege to expand my professional network.


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