5 Minutes With... Robin Slattery, Sales Director & CSO, TechForce Services Pty Ltd and ACS Member

8th September 2020


  • This week we interviewed Robin Slattery, Robin Slattery, Sales Director & CSO, TechForce Services Pty Ltd and Certified professional Member. 
  • Robin opens up about his career journey, keeping updated with digital trends and why he considers an ACS membership a good investment in his career. 

1. Tell us a little but about your yourself and the company you work for? 

I’m a Sydneysider originally who moved to Canberra (with my new wife) for a 3 year contract with Defence in 1999…well of course the contract was extended and then the company was sold… and so since we’d effectively sold up in Sydney we sought more opportunity. I’ve been in a few different contracts and areas of business from military materiel to the ICT market (my core since about 1978) hardware, AV/VC/UC and networking now I’m in Sales Director of TechForce Services Pty Ltd, an Australian software house, which is working to be a powerhouse in DevOps. TechForce has been around since 2015, it was awarded #20 in last year’s CRN Fast50, it’s a Salesforce Silver Partner and a fast mover in that environment. We’re on all the relevant Federal and State Panels for Software, Development, Project Management, ATL AND BTL consulting and we do Staff augmentation. We have a solid (AND LOYAL) customer base. Once a client engages TechForce, they find an advisor/developer they can trust to deliver. 

2. Why is ACS membership a good investment in your career?  

ACS Membership and the CP awarded by ACS is a major fillip to my career. Sure, you can have the degrees and other tertiary stuff, but the ACS Membership (including the assessment to achieve a level) is now an INDUSTRY recognition of capability.  

3. What ACS benefits would you encourage members to utilise? 

The CPD capabilities available. I’ve always been one for life long learning and the development and maintenance of skills. 

4. What were the key influences that encouraged you to choose to pursue a career in technology?  

Interesting question. I first got into the IT industry through a bureau services provider. This was based on my belief that it wasn’t the box that was important but the results…it’s still my main belief. I’ve watched the proliferation of different technologies coming and going, have even been heavily involved in design and manufacture, but in the end, it’s what the customer achieves that is most important. 

5. What's the best invention in the 21st century? 

Another interesting question…I think we’re not long enough into it…as we know wi-fi and bluetooth were invented in the 20th century, so there’s nothing new there…but I would say that so far the best (at least to me) is the very capabilities that the smartphone has delivered. I don’t advocate for any one brand…in fact I wish I still had my Blackberry Bold 😊 

6. How do you keep up to date with digital trends? 

I subscribe to the various feeds from CRN, ACS, ITNews and others. I’m a Fellow if the Governance Institute and they are assiduous in keeping us abreast. I also follow the legal aspects, since I have a bent for commercial law. 

7. What three words would your colleagues use to describe you? 

Driven, Enthusiastic, Deliverer 

8. What are your favourite and least favourite technology products and why? 

Favourite is my laptop/smartphone combination – I can work from anywhere…and I do 

Least – well unfortunately it has to be O365…I like the idea, but not the delivery, I prefer to do things my way (which is Australian English) and don’t like being made to put up with other strictures. 


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