QUT BANDS and ACS Queensland Collaborate!

8th September 2020


  • QUT BANDS is a new and emerging student society with approximately 300 student members providing professional development opportunities for Business and Data Science students. 
  • ACS Queensland is delighted to partner with QUT BANDS to sponsor a range of upcoming events in 2020/2021. 
  • Read about the important work of QUT BANDS and this exciting collaboration to support the wider data science community.


QUT BANDS is a student-led organisation aiming to provide professional and personal development opportunities for QUT Business and Data Science students. QUT BANDS is a new and emerging student society with approximately 300 student members and majority of our membership base studies either a Bachelor (~25%) or Masters (~75%) of IT (in areas such as BPM/Data Science/Data Analytics) and other related fields. Our executive committee is the backbone of QUT BANDS. Current committee includes:

How long have you been established?

QUT BANDS is two years old now.

How many members do you have?

Our membership base is approximately 300 now. We have signed up 100+ new members in a single semester early this year which shows the hard work of QUT BANDS executive committee in organizing events that generates value for our members.

What is your main purpose/goal?

Our primary goals are to facilitate opportunities for our members to develop tangible skills that can be utilised in their future careers, to connect with potential employers and emphasise the importance of a well-rounded candidate through undertaking personal and professional development activities through our three pillar approach of social, industry and community. A large focus of our work is to bridge the gap between academic and real-world professional experiences. We do this by hosting a range of events in partnership with corporate partners, giving students an insight into the enterprise of the business world.

Tell us about the collaboration you have with ACS Queensland?  How has this collaboration benefited the QUT BANDS group?

We are proud to continue our relationships with ACS Queensland for this financial year. ACS Queensland and QUT BANDS have formed a strong bond and are continuing to support the wider data science community. Collaboration with ACS Queensland has helped BANDS members to gain knowledge about new and demanding skills in the market. ACS Queensland conducts workshops specifically for QUT BANDS members to provide them with insightful knowledge and skills they require. QUT BANDS members understand the importance of ACS membership and how it helps to shape their career. We are very thankful to ACS Queensland for their continuous support.  

Can you tell us of any QUT BANDS member success stories?

We have an exciting success story of our Club President Ronak Mathur. Ronak joined the club as a member in February 2019 which has opened the doors for him to explore the real world of IT. He participated in all the events and his team won the winner’s title in his first semester. QUT BANDS introduced him to the industry and professional engagement in the business analytics and data science disciplines. This helped Ronak grow his professional network along with his academic focus. In second semester Ronak had the opportunity to work for Credit Union Australia (CUA) as Robotics Process Automation developer. This was not possible without the learnings and support from QUT BANDS. Currently, he is in his final semester, focusing on his studies, and enjoying working with CUA. He spends time with the QUT BANDS team to organise all the events to provide our members the opportunity to learn and network with industry partners.

Who can join QUT BANDS student group and how can they join?

QUT BANDS is open to all aspirants who have a zeal to learn, network and grow. We have our members from different domains but are very keen to learn about data analytics and business.

QUT BANDS encourages all data science and business aspirants from other universities, data science professionals across Queensland to join QUT BANDS and help in building this ecosystem stronger. We strive hard to provide our community with a good platform which adds value to their career. If you are interested to join QUT BANDS, please sign up with us on our Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QutBands/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/qutbands/