Get to Know Your Canberra Branch Manager - Dr Vicki Gardiner

22nd September 2020


  • Dr Vicki Gardiner is the newly appointed ACS Canberra's Branch Manager.
  • Vicki has an extensive background in the NFP STEM professional association sector, having worked with Engineers Australia and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

Although a recent newcomer to Canberra, Vicki has an extensive background in the NFP STEM professional association sector having been the General Manager of Engineers Australia in Tasmania for six years and being involved as a senior office bearer and volunteer for 20 years including being the current national president for the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

For over 30 years, Vicki’s life has revolved around STEM be it during her studies, workplace or volunteering.  She has a PhD in chemistry and has held senior management positions in academia, government and industry as well as the NFP sector.  

Vicki is a strong advocate for education as an enabler and for the advancement of women in male dominated professions and has led several strategies in this areas.  Importantly, having being both an active member and staff of a professional organisation, Vicki believes she has a strong understanding of the pressure of organisations to stay relevant to a broad membership base and to provide a community to which members are proud to belong.

“I’m looking forward to working with the Canberra BEC and members.  COVID-19 has thrown a curve-ball in the way the ACS member community interacts.  The BEC and I are already looking at how we can build relevant technology capacity and capability in the Canberra region through connecting members and professionals in these new times. Given that we are also about to have a new Parliament in Canberra, at least, it is also a great opportunity to influence the policy agenda and the importance of establishing professional benchmarks.”