Get to Know Your Canberra Branch Executive Committee - Michael Hawkins

20th October 2020


  • This week we have the spotlight on Michael Hawkins, Immediate past Chair, ACS Canberra Branch Branch Executive Committee
  • Michael provides insights on what interests him about the tech industry, how he keeps his skills up-to-date and how ACS Membership can support someone in their career journey. 


1. What do you enjoy most about working in the tech industry?

I really enjoy being able to leveredge my knowledge and experience in helping young professionals achieve more without having to make the mistakes I did.

2. What is the key piece of advice you’d give to your younger self?

Build your communications skills early.  Learn to understand how we communicate and that not everyone is the same. Learn to read others and be flexible in your communication so that you can talk at their level.  This is key to successful outcomes in everything you do.

3. Tech changes fast. How do you keep your tech skills up-to-date?

Nowadays my tech skills relate more to human psychology and behaviour.   These are changing just as fast as IT and so I keep up my habit of staying current through education, reading and attending events so that I can network and learn from others.

4. What is your greatest challenge as a leader/ business owner?

There is only one of me, how am I going to help everyone?

5. How has ACS membership supported your career journey in tech?

I have used my membership to help build my professional network, in particular, in building relationships at the executive level to support my various roles over the years.   Starting a discussion with a CIO at an ACS event helps break the ice and meant that I didn’t have to make a cold call and justify a meeting with their EA.  


'Get to Know Your ACS Canberra BEC' series aims to shed the spotlight on your Canberra BEC members and get their insights on key topics related to your ACS membership and the IT sector. This week we continue our ‘Get to Know Your ACS Canberra BEC’ series, with Michael Hawkins, providing insights into keeping your skills updated and how to make the most of your ACS Membership.