Get to Know Your Canberra Branch Executive Committee - Shefali Sehgal

3rd November 2020


  • This week we have the spotlight on Shefali Sehgal, ACS Canberra Branch Executive Committee Member
  • Shefali provides insights on what interests her about the tech industry, how she keeps her skills up-to-date and how ACS Membership has benefitted her. 

1. What do you enjoy most about working in the tech industry?

The beauty about working in the tech space is that it transcends industries and layers of management. Whether you are in education, health or aerospace - chances are that you would need technology to optimise processes. Whether you are in a strategic, tactical or operational role - chances are that you would need technology to automate repetitive tasks to make room for cerebral and creative thinking. I have been fortunate to work in different industries over the last 8 years and use technological solutions to benefit the organisations, my teams and my mindset.

2. What is the key piece of advice you’d give to your younger self?

Practice gratitude! I believe that things happen for a reason and they contribute to your advancements in life. I often substitute "I need to..." with "I get to..." So, I don't need to teach young students to code in Java; it is an honour and I am pleased that I get to teach young minds.

3. Tech changes fast. How do you keep your tech skills up-to-date?

Apart from signing up to an infinite number of newsletters (including ACS Information Age!), I often engage in discussions in my professional and personal networks about the latest tech. I find it extremely refreshing to hear different opinions and enjoy assimilating people's perceptions about technology. I also enjoy cross-pollination of ideas; so, functionalities of a software solution used by my medical friend to monitor her patient's progress can very well be adapted to suit the needs of tracking financial progress in an organisation.

4. What is your greatest challenge as a leader/ business owner?

Information overload! I strive to extract the most valuable information and transform it to suit the situation.

5. How has ACS membership supported your career journey in tech?

Besides participating in (face-to-face) networking events (which are being sorely missed during COVID-19), I have been incredibly fortunate to meet like-minded people who help me become the best version of myself (both professionally and personally). 

Being part of the Branch Executive Committee also allows me to give back to the community - which is incredibly rewarding.


'Get to Know Your ACS Canberra BEC' series aims to shed the spotlight on your Canberra BEC members and get their insights on key topics related to your ACS membership and the IT sector. This week we continue our ‘Get to Know Your ACS Canberra BEC’ series, with Shefali Sehgal, providing insights into keeping your skills updated and how to make the most of your ACS Membership.