Thank You George Colham

18th November 2020


  • Michelle Sandford, Chair, Branch Executive Committee, ACS WA thanks George Coldham for his service to the ACS.

I wanted to take some space in our fortnightly newsletter to thank my long-time friend and trusted Advisor George Coldham for his service to the ACS.

George recently announced his retirement from his many roles in the society, so he could focus on honing his expertise in cyber-security, from the shadows (as many of the elite in this field prefer to do). 

Over the years, George has served the ACS community in many roles – he was the Chair of the Young IT Committee for 3 years, before he implemented a high availability, fully-redundant system (his Twin brother took over), he was a Vice Chair in the WA Branch from 2015 until the present, serving beside me as we shared that role, and then as my primary advisor, when I took the role of Chairman. He sat on the WA Conference Committee for 4 years. He has been the WA representative on the ACS National Membership Lifecycle Marketing Board. He held a highly respected role on the ACS National Congress, and also served as a Board Member during one of the most successful and turbulent times in the history of the organisation.

George is an inspiration to the tech community and the kind of man who strives to do the right thing no matter what it costs him personally. I’ve been so proud to have him serve alongside me and happy to have him as a friend so I can still rely on his expertise and advice. Hopefully he will join you all in person for the end of year event and you can bump elbows with him one more time. I am unfortunately trapped outside the country in the COVID capital of the world until mid-January, but I will trust you all to show him the love and gratitude he deserves for all he has given.