5 Minutes With... Rashi Jain, ACS Professional Year Student Member 

25th November 2020


  • This week we interviewed ACS Professional Year Student Member Rashi Jain.
  • Rashi has ventured into the Project Management space from her previous experinec as a Business Analyst.
  • Her tips to stay updated include following tech news and networking.

A bit about Rashi

From working as a Business Analyst in the software development space, I have ventured into an avenue of IT Project Management with my new role as an IT Project Coordinator at Amplifon in the healthcare sector. I had launched a mobile application a few years ago to experience the entrepreneur rush which I aim to pursue again. I have taken and managed projects onboard from end-to-end ensuring quality work and delivery. My side hustle includes mentoring students for a Melbourne based start-up community, RMIT Students, contributing towards social projects with social enterprises, and working on start-up ideas.

My future key milestones to achieve would be to enable successful roll-out of the business applications that I am working on with my team. Finish the online courses on Software Architecture that I am enrolled in. And I want to drastically enhance my domain knowledge in the healthcare sector and explore the possibilities of AI in the industry.

Personally, I would like to get to the second stage of ‘development’ of my start-up idea and plan the future stages by the end of this year. I would like to visit my family when I get a chance to do so in the coming year as well. 

1. What do you enjoy most about working in the tech industry?

I enjoy a new challenge faced every day in the IT industry. Being a part of the workforce that thrives on innovation and solving business problem efficiently with clever solutions is what I really like about the tech industry. 

2. What is the key piece of advice you would give someone interested in making the move to the ICT Industry

My key advices would be to make connections and network with people from the industry as much as possible. And I would also say to explore different concepts and learnings from one’s specific field rather than focusing on only one aspect of it. The tech industry is quite wide and diverse, and skills can always be connected or required in different areas of work at the same workplace so keep exploring. 

3. Tech changes fast. How do you keep your skills up-to-date?

First up I follow tech news as much as possible, there are various online forums, applications, and broadcasts that I can stay up to date with every now and then. Secondly, I maintain close connections with people in the tech industry on LinkedIn, Facebook and I am an active member of a couple of tech communities as well that helps me stay connected to the industry and the latest technologies. 

4. Who is your tech mentor or a leader that inspires you and why?

A very good former colleague of mine from my previous job is my tech mentor. He is a senior executive, a solution architect by profession and truly a legendary friend. It is good to be able to talk to him about anything, and especially tech innovations and latest news to look out for. He actively mentors students as well, and that gives me an inspiration to continue mentoring students as an RMIT alumni and a start-up founder. 

5. How has ACS membership supported your career journey in tech?

ACS membership has lived up to my expectations very well since I had been able to learn a lot from senior certified professionals who are a part of ACS and other young professionals like me. I believe we all exhibit unique qualities and can help each other by sharing knowledge widespread rather than confining it. And this is what ACS has made possible for me by giving access to a wealth of knowledge through sources such as events, online course, SFIA opportunities etc. My goal would be to stay a part of ACS and positively contribute towards the growth of the society and others however I can. 


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