Computer vision in sight to revolutionise: Hear from James Kwong, Head of Product, Unleash Live

15th January 2021


  • What if a camera, combined with computer vision technology gave you actionable data in real-time? Learn from subject matter expert, James Kwong, Head of Product at Unleash Live, about this technology and the entrepreneurship journey.
  • If you would like to learn more from James, he will be presenting at our ACS Emerging and Deep Tech Webinar Series on 28 January. Details below. 

1.     What problems are you solving at Unleash Live?

With the vision to make AI more accessible, we are solving challenges that computer vision engineers and developers face when developing and scaling AI models. Through the creation of our A.I. App Store, we are providing developers with an end-to-end workflow for model creation that solves the following challenges:

  • Limited exposure to real world challenges, problems and clients
  • Multiple frameworks and languages to choose for development
  • Difficulty getting access to structured and unstructured datasets for model training
  • Challenges with accessing subject matter experts for image labelling and validation
  • Limited experience and access to cloud computing for deployment and inference
  • Model benchmarking and quality control
  • Commercialising and monetising the models and solution

By solving these challenges, we are creating the best developer AI training and retraining environment for the creation and deployment of new models that is easy to use.

2.     How is camera vision technology revolutionising the decision-making process in sectors where urgency is important?

Through the application of computer vision on live video streams, legacy cameras can effectively be turned from “dumb” capture devices to “smart” sensors for data capture and analysis. These new smarter cameras enable constant monitoring and detection of video feeds without the need for experts or manual oversight. This means camera feeds can be monitored and analysed at scale, extracting new data points, uncovering patterns and identifying anomalies.

Access to new data and insights allow enterprises, organisations, cities and individuals to perform analysis for continuous improvement.

3.     What are some of the challenges that need to be overcome in creating an AI App Store?

An AI App Store is essentially a marketplace for the distribution of AI models. Like any app store, it is imperative to build an ecosystem of partners, both on the buyer and seller side to gain momentum and scale. Building credibility is critical to attract partners to the marketplace, and we do this by offering flexibility of the platform to cater for different programming languages and frameworks. Additionally, by providing access to quality datasets and a robust process for quality control, validation and benchmarking, developers have access to a platform for offering high quality, high performing A.I. Apps for the market.

4.     Tech changes fast. How do you encourage your team to keep their tech skills up-to-date?

At our core, we are inspired and motivated by technology, innovation and the impact new tech has on the present and future. Fast is one of our core values, whether it be delivering live streams at low latency or adopting new frameworks, tools and developments.

Our team is hungry for inspiration and knowledge and we keep a constant pulse on the latest emerging technology in the market. As a team and as individuals, we attend webinars and events, subscribe to announcements from tech blogs and news, network within forums and tech groups but most importantly, we have a company culture of inspiring and sharing the latest and greatest with each other through internal comms and showcases

5.     What have you learned about being an entrepreneur? What advice would you give to others?

The startup, scaleup and tech space moves at lightning speed. Maintaining velocity for predicting, planning and developing is important to keep ahead of the market. Entrepreneurs need to have clearly defined goals, but more importantly a roadmap for getting there. Lay the foundations with enough structure for an effective process for build and delivery but also remain flexible to adapt to rapid changes in technology, market, industry and needs.


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James will be presenting at the ACS Emerging and Deep Tech Webinar Series: Leveraging your computer vision expertise on Thursday 28 January from 6PM in our online event.

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