Women in Tech: Insights from a Digital Business Analyst with Dilian Gonzalez AACS

23rd February 2021


  • Dilian Gonzalez AACS is a Digital Business Analyst and a UX Designer in the Engineering and Excellence Group, in the R&D and innovation department of Laing O’Rourke.
  • She joined ACS as a Professional Year Student member and considers an ICT career to be full of potential and possibilities. 

1. Who is your tech mentor or a leader that inspires you, and why?

Since I was young, I was inspired by Steve Jobs as he was CEO and principal investor of two of the most creative and innovative companies I know, Apple and Pixar. Most recently I've been reading about Pixar and Ed Catmull. I find him inspiring and, somewhat, I feel like I can relate to him, as I believe we both have passion and interest in technology, the creative arts and people.

2. Your background is in Interactive and Digital Design, Information Technology, specialising in Management. What advice do you give to members looking to bridge the gap between the business, design and technology?

The advice I would give to members looking to bridge the gap between business, design and technology is to start with people. People are at the heart of any invention, and any decision; we have to think of what people want and need, and by being creative and thinking outside the box we can deliver innovative solutions that will be feasible (technology), viable (business) and desirable (people).

3. What has been your most outstanding achievement to date?

Recently, Macquarie University professor Deborah Richards, Ayse Bilgin, and I published a paper in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies where I measured levels of presence and immersion that people experience while participating in a Virtual Reality experiment.

4. What's got you most excited for the future of tech?

What excites me the most about the future of technology is how interfaces are being removed, to the point where technology will be even more seamlessly integrated into the every-day life. I believe we will soon live in a world where mobile phones will be forgotten, and we will be able to interact with apps and services using our sight and voice only. Also, Distributed Ledger Technology and Quantum Computing are two emerging technologies that seem very relevant and exciting to me.

5. Do you have any inspiring words of wisdom for those looking to take their next step in their ICT career?

No matter where you work or what you like, technology will be part of it; therefore, I see an ICT career full of potential and possibilities to put in practice technical and creative skills.