Don’t Survive Just Thrive: Podcast featuring Dave West – Digital and AI Tech Transforming the Future of Energy

3 March 2021


Nicola Steel, from our Preferred Recruitment Partner JJP Talent Solutions hosts the 'Don't Just Thrive - Survive Podcast.' In this edition she interviews Dave West, Founder of BatNav on how digital and AI technologies are reshaping the future of energy.  

Listen to ACS Preferred Recruitment Partner and Founder of JJP Talent Solutions, Nicola Steel’s podcast The Spotlight Series “Don't Just Survive, Thrive!”

In this episode, Nicola speaks to Dave West. Dave was Lead Data Scientist at Origin Energy. In November, he founded a tech startup called BatNav. In the podcast, they discuss Dave’s passion for the future of energy, merging digital and AI technologies with engineering and business, and how this can benefit both people and the planet. 

They explore Dave's varied background and his love for science, maths, and problem solving.

BatNav combines his varied experience in Materials Engineering, Machine Learning & AI. The BatNav SaaS product reduces the time, money and risk associated with energy storage.  

Dave talks about his main challenges which are constantly changing including timing, sourcing capital, the right team and the right product and market fit. His team is focused on collaborative decision making and stretching technology so they can do more with less.

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Nicola Steel, Founder, JJP Talent Solutions is ACS Queensland’s Preferred Recruitment Partner. Are you looking to recruit top tech talent in your organisation, or are you looking for your dream tech role? Contact Nicola at or mobile 0499 773 546.