Building High Performance Tech Teams Panel Wrap up and Video

17th March 2021


  • ACS Queensland and Nicola Steel of JJP Talent Solutions, our Preferred Recruitment Partner hosted an insightful panel on tips and techniques to foster high performance teams. Missed the event? Read about the key highlights and watch the video.

On February 18, ACS Queensland hosted a Panel Event in partnership with our Preferred Recruitment Partner, JJP Talent Solutions, on “Building High Performance Tech Teams.” The panel consisted of the following six experts with Nicola Steel, Founder of JJP Talent Solutions, as MC:


•                    Faith Rees, Founder, SixPivot & Cloud Ctrl

•                    Jane Humphreys, Exec VP – People & Culture, TechnologyOne

•                    Scott Lawry, Associate IT Director, QUT

•                    Lynne Cawley, Group Executive, People & Ops, Canstar

•                    Arthur Poropat, Psychologist, The Performance Relationship

•                    Michelle Cowan, Senior Associate, Active Law - ACS Qld’s Preferred Legal Partner.


The panel discussed topics from a tech leadership, people and culture, organisational psychology and legal perspective. The four main topics were:


1.      The key characteristics of high performing teams;

2.      Assessing and selecting high performing team members;

3.      What to do when team members are low performing; and

4.      How to compete for and retain top performers.


Watch the video of the event here to discover a variety of interesting insights.