Will you consider sharing your subject matter expertise with others?

31 March 2021

On Thursday 25 March  2021, two of our ACS members; Jason Bushby MACS CP, Senior Mainframe Developer, ATO and Sarah-Louise MacDonald AACS, Principal Business Architect, Pegasystems and member of ACS Canberra Branch Executive Committee; took time to share their knowledge and experiences with a group of 60+ new members at an ACS Masterclass for the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA)’s 2021 “Digital Emerging Talent Programs”.

At this masterclass Jason presented "Software Challenge - Mainframe Log Search" and Sarah-Louise shared her insights on "Elegance in simplicity – Design principles for software and application designers". 

"Feedback from attendees was very positive and encouraging. Participants enjoyed both presenters and thought the topics were useful both now and into the future" - DTA staff.

This is most engaging live conference presentation I’ve ever seen, learnt new terms + future outlook" - Attendee.

The key learning outcomes were:

#1: Incremental improvement over a long time achieves wonders

#2: There are many ways to get things done

#3: Expect the unexpected

#4: Choose technology based on results rather than history or hype

#5: Using common software design concepts to simplify the design of software applications will help save time and money and make it much easier to achieve long term strategic goals. These principles when applied to existing standards, patterns and tools within an organization will allow attendees to create multiple design views to address the concerns of different stakeholders and to assist with designing components of larger software systems.

A big shout out and thanks to Jason and Sarah-Louise for delivering informative and engaging presentations to make a successful event. Your contributions are very much appreciated.

If you are a subject matter expert (SME) and would like to share your knowledge and experiences with a group of like-minded peers, please get in contact via email acs.canb@acs.org.au or read the below to find out more about how to get involved with ACS Canberra Branch and share your SME knowledge with members.



Speaker(s) needs to be capable of provide fresh insight and perspective on ACS Tech event related topics, engaging with audience and inspiring them to take action by providing learning outcomes.

Presentations should focus on the interchange of technical information, solution to problems and/or provide attendees with educational value with specific knowledge and skills or advice on how it relates to their future development about various aspects of the topic.

Your presentation is required to align to a SFIA skill & a range of levels.

The primary event audience are ACS members, which consists of multiple levels of IT professionals, from entry-level technologists to senior level managers and corporate executives. Entrepreneurs, ICT consultants and educators will also be in attendance. 

This can be done virtually or in-person (*aligning with the updated COVID-Safe plan).


We want to hear from you!

If you have a subject ready to go, send through the following to ACS Canberra Branch Membership Services & Events Manager Jenalle.Bushby@acs.org.au.

 Presentation details

  • Your topic (approximal 5 words)
  • An overview of your presentation (approximal 200 words). Outline what are you going to talk about, what are the key learning outcomes for audience.
  • Who should attend (Which target audience will benefit from your presentation)

Presenter details

Presenters are encouraged to provide a photograph and a bio at the time presentation details are submitted. Bios are limited to a maximum of 150 words.  Please include a link to your LinkedIn profile. Photos should be high resolution 400 dpi JPEG file and a cropped head to shoulder close up.

Further information can be obtained from Jenalle.Bushby@acs.org.au.

Find out more about ACS Upcoming events and contact ACS Canberra to express of your interest.