The Spotlight Series – Don’t Just Survive, Thrive – Robotics, AI and Trust with Rosie Attwell

14 April 2021


Until recently, Rosie was Artificial Intelligence Delivery Lead at CUA. Rosie studied a degree in Fine Art then moved to marketing and digital agencies followed by innovation and AI. They discuss how Rosie applied for over 60 roles at the start of her career. Eventually, she applied for a Director role at a digital agency.

They were intrigued by her so invited her for interview and offered her an entry level role. This was her foot in the door! Rosie talks about one of her achievements being the Robotics and AI Ethical Practice Policy at CUA.

She also discusses the challenges of building trust with and between internal teams across AI, data, etc. Rosie advises that you should nurture your connections to progress in your career. She also believes in the importance of good habits and surrounding yourself with empathetic people.

As a woman in tech, Rosie has been discriminated against and even been told “you don’t belong here.” This has driven her to succeed and also mentor young women in AI. Listen to the podcast here –