A day in the life of a Digital Strategy, Transformation and Automation leader with Terence Lim MACS CP

26th April 2021


  • A Digital Strategy, Transformation and Automation leader, Terence Lim MACS CP was announced as the Honorary Treasurer for the NSW Branch Executive Committee.
  • Terence is currently the Intelligent Automation Manager at Optus. 

1.      Tell us about a day in the life of an Intelligent Automation Manager?

My day-to-day activities range from strategy and planning, educating employees and senior management on the benefits of smarter ways of working by leveraging Automation technologies & process optimisation techniques, to resolving operational challenges that require workshopping, resulting in new organisation wide process definitions or operational protocols.

Whilst some of the aforementioned may sound trivial, navigating that in an Enterprise environment in concert with other business units is fraught with challenges, which tends to keep things interesting and all the more satisfying when an outcome is delivered or achieved.


2.      You’re a Digital Strategy, Transformation and Automation leader, what tips would you give to members thinking about implementing these in their work?

All 3 facets are interlinked, Digital Strategy is the overarching vision, whilst Transformation and Automation are the means to executing on that vision. Transformation and Automation shouldn't be undertaken without first understanding what the Digital Strategy or Digital vision is, Period!

That being said my greatest tip for anyone wanting to tackle any challenge above all, is to thoroughly understand the root cause or problem before even contemplating a solution. I've seen too many times immediate recommendations for implementing a technology solution to a problem, when all that was really required was a process change, which would be a far less costly exercise/solution in both time and spend.

A poorly understood problem results in sloppy or poor implementations which inevitably always cost more than the actual problem one is trying to solve for.


3.      As recently elected Honorary Treasurer, what do you hope to achieve for the ACS NSW Branch?

My hope is to ensure greater value for the spend or incurrence of cost in ACS NSW's operational activities in the interest of its members.


4.      How has an ACS membership supported your career journey in tech?

My ACS membership has afforded me the ability to distinguish myself as an experienced Technologist, recognised by the only ICT professional organisation in Australia, that admits its members through interviews and validation through experience assessment and active industry reference interviews.


5.      What wisdom would you give to others looking to advance their career in ICT?

Join a professional industry organisation like the ACS that gives its members access to recognised, qualified and experienced ICT professionals in addition to a host of other benefits that can be found on the ACS website.