A problem shared is a problem halved 

23 June 2021


  • ACS Canberra is calling out to those interested in the next Mentoring program
  • Mentors especially needed - Are you someone who gets reward from just giving and helping other to succeed in their careers?

Do you think this English Proverb is behind the image of Winnie the Pooh sitting with Piglett on a wooden log while discussing the challenges of life? And it is true that we need wise advice at times from those who are around us. 

Navigating career pathways at any stage can throw up challenges.  The statistics are that we will change jobs 15 times in our career and work across seven different sectors. 

How can we possibly know all the answers on how to make it through this journey?

The ACS Canberra Branch six month mentoring program matched mentees at all stages of their career with mentors.  In the first round we had 60 mentees initially participate with 20 mentors.  Six months later we are still close to 50 participants in the program. 

There are many mentees who have reported the program has assisted in meeting their goals.  Our program has a number of support activities to ensure that participants, both mentors and mentees have a very positive experience.  We have had several meetings with the participants including a networking event, which was held last week.  This is actually the first time some mentoring groups have been able to meet in person.

Are you interested in participating in our next program?  Are you keen to commit to self development or to give back to the profession?  Remember, you don’t need to be a senior professional to be able to help those starting their career so we are looking for mentors from across the career path…but we would also like senior leaders to participate as well as both mentors and mentees. 

In order to participate, please complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) with as much detail as possible to ensure a successful match.   

In terms of commitment, in addition to the introduction to mentoring, and the “meet your mentoring partner” event, we also hold a mid-program networking event and a program graduation event.  Mentors and mentees agree how often they meet at the start.  This can be as little as 1-2 hours every 3-4 weeks over the 6 months by phone, virtually or in person. 

So where do you want to be, what drives you and how can the ACS help you achieve these?  Is the mentoring program what will help to halve your problem?

Find out more about how you can get involved in ACS Canberra Mentoring Program as a mentor or mentee,or submit your interest, click the hyperlinks below:

Please note, the ACS mentoring program is available to members only. If you are not a member of ACS and would like to find out more about how to become a member of ACS, go to www.acs.org.au
For ACS Canberra Mentoring Program, please contact ACS Canberra team via email to acs.canb@acs.org.au