Tips from a Senior Technology Leader: 
Karen Doyle MACS Snr

3rd August 2021


  • Karen Doyle MACS Snr is a senior leader in technology with a broad portfolio of skills in areas such as strategy, software architecture, large program implementation, people/vendor management and production operations, developed through many years working in technology.
  • She has focused her tech career within the finance sector, including banking, superannuation and insurance.
  • As a certified Senior Member of ACS, Karen reflects and shares her wisdom to those in the technology sector and wanting to embrace workplace culture and diversity.  

1. Tell us about yourself

I started my career as a computer operator before becoming a software developer, UX designer, Project and Program Manager, Head of Service Delivery, and Head of Technology.

Most recently I was Head of Technology for nabtrade, which was a busy role - tuning the 24/7 trading platform for performance and volume, securely integrating with banking systems and the ASX, and transforming the technology with a new cloud-based app and apis. I am currently mentoring and coaching, using the insights gained through many years of business experience and education to help others develop to their potential.

Prior to nabtrade, I worked as Head of Service Delivery for a large software house, responsible for top tier customers including IBM, CBA, Perpetual and NAB.

2. What advice would you give to members interested in growing their career in emerging technologies?

Be present in the room. When you’re at the table, speak up.

Don't be afraid to be the only one with your opinion - make sure you can articulate why you hold it.

Listen to others respectfully and carefully.

Be flexible - information changes all the time.

Make good decisions with the best information at the time. 

Create a supportive network of like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds, and bounce ideas off them.

Remember the stories and retell them - be interested and interesting.

3. How do you suggest workplaces can embrace a culture of diversity and inclusion?

Create a culture of respectful listening.

Some of the best ideas come from people who don’t look or sound like you, or who don’t have a smooth "radio" voice or classic good looks. Don't let your first impression be your only impression.

Set targets for diversity - until there's greater representation, it's not a level playing field.


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