What makes tech candidates tick?

04 August 2021


Nicola Steel, Founder of JJP Talent Solutions (and ACS Preferred Recruitment Partner)created a poll recently to explore what would be most attractive to tech candidates during this extremely candidate-short market. 

The results revealed that more flexible working was the most attractive option followed by increased salary packages and then fully remote work. 

In fact, 49.5% of respondents want more flexible or remote working. She broke the figures down even further which revealed that most software developers voted for flexible working or fully remote work. If you are a company struggling to secure software developers at present, Nicola advises that a simple and cost-effective way to attract talent would be offering more flexible or remote working. 

If you would like to discuss this further with Nicola, please book a time in her calendar - https://calendly.com/jjptalent/discovery-session