Local Canberra startup company starts next step in technology commericialisation

1st September 2021
  • Quantum Brilliance, an Australian-German quantum technology spin out from the Australian National University, has successfully closed a $13 million seed investment.
  • Quantum Brilliance, led by Dr Andrew Horsley, uses synthetic diamonds to build quantum accelerators that do not require the near absolute zero temperature or complex laser systems that give other quantum computers a large physical footprint.

Dr Horsley was a key note speaker on the technology for an ACS Emerging and Deep Tech Webinar earlier this year which was attended by over 650 members across Australia.

CSIRO reported that advanced quantum technologies can create an $86 billion global industry by 2040 and quantum computing could generate 10,000 new jobs in Australia (1).   Some applications of quantum computing includes accelerating drug and advanced materials through chemistry simulation.  Another application is accelerating machine learning and optimization of complex systems such as financial modelling, climate predictions and epidemiology and energy systems optimisation. 

The ACT has been a hub for quantum technology research and its commericalisation.  QuintessencesLabs is another ANU spin-out company providing quantum-enhanced cybersecurity solutions, while the ANU’s InSpace Laser Communications Program is developing technology for a quantum communications network. 

In an interview with InnovationAus (2), Dr Horsley said the company would now focus on scaling up the power of its quantum systems and will be undertake a significant hiring program of engineers and physists.

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