Cryptoloc launches podcast series Jamie Versus The Hack to help businesses and boards get ahead of the threats 

27 October 2021
  • To mark Cyber Security Awareness Month, data security technology company ACS Professional Partners Cryptoloc has launched a new podcast series that puts into focus the rising threat of cyber attacks for businesses and boards. And listeners may even get a laugh from it at the same time.

  • Jamie Versus The Hack stars Cryptoloc founder Jamie Wilson, who in each episode breaks down a recent cyber attack to help “The Hack” understand why it happened and how it can be avoided and managed. The Hack in each episode is someone who doesn’t know their ransomware from their menswear.

“We’ve launched this podcast because we feel a lot of cybersecurity podcasts use complex language and really corporate tones to explain the current risk around cyber threats, and it just doesn’t resonate,”  Wilsons says.

“This podcast is so much fun. Our ‘Hack’ is super curious and super clueless about cybersecurity, so each episode uses a recent hack as a case study as I try to explain what was at play in the attack and how it can be handled.

“We use simple explanations and expert guests because by the end our goal is to make the Hack understand what the hell is going on. And that allows businesses - from the board level down to management - to get an idea of what they are up against, and what they have to prepare for.”

Episode 1 - titled School’s Out FOREVER: A Lesson in Ransomware Attacks - talks about the recent attack on a NSW private school, the process hackers go through to execute similar ransomware attacks, and what businesses should do if it happens to them.

“We’re taking a really respectful approach with all of the case studies we’re using because these businesses are going through something traumatic for them and their people,” Wilson says. 

“It’s only by taking a look at what has happened to them, the outcomes and the actions they take that we can help other businesses prepare. It is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

“In episode 1, the case study is amazing because they watched the ransomware attack happen in front of their eyes and acted fast. It’s a great example of what exactly goes down in real time. From the attack, to the ransom demands, through to the aftermath - it’s vital listening.”

Jamie Versus The Hack is available monthly on Spotify and Apple Podcasts (coming soon), or you can listen and subscribe at

Interviews with Jamie and imagery available upon request, email