Inventor of Cloud Computing Security Technology - Distinguished Professor Willy Susilo FACS  

25th October 2021


  • Distinguished Professor Willy Susilo FACS was recognised as an ACS Fellow for his significant contribution to the ICT community.
  • Willy is an accomplished scientist, educator and ICT innovator in the field of computer security and cryptography. His contribution to the field is significant and has been sustained for more than two decades. As an educator he championed and led the development of ICT education at the University of Wollongong.

1. Your recognition as an ACS Fellow celebrates the significant contributions you’ve made to the ICT community in Australia. What has been the most rewarding achievement in your career so far?

I really enjoy providing ICT training to the next generations of Australia. I believe ICT is the future and our next generations must be equipped with this.

2. Your cloud computing technology invention was adopted by global companies such as IBM, Amazon and Microsoft. What did you create and describe how your innovation was used in the product development from these brands?  

I designed security technology to provide protection in cloud computing. One of my contributions is to create a very short authentication technique which can secure data stored in the cloud. This is the most efficient technique known to date.

3. Explain how you went from idea to product, which eventually led to patenting your invention? What inspired you to get started with your innovative idea and how did you overcome any hurdles along the way?

I am a researcher and I like to invent new things. When the inventions can be realised in practice, this brings special happiness in my mind as I can see that what I have created can benefit others.

It is always challenging to patent ideas as one of the main factors is its cost. However, occasionally this is needed when we find some innovative idea which can eventually shift the current practice and solution with a new approach.

4. How can organisations ensure they have a robust cloud computing security system?

Security updates will need to be regularly applied and observed. This is very important as a small patch can either make or break the system.

5. What advice would you give to the future technology leaders of Australia?

Technology needs passion. It is not just about new invention, we need to be passionate with what we are doing with it. I trust that technology is the way of the future and we have to embrace and understand its advancements sooner than later.



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