Join 'Back Her Brilliance' initiative by Global Sisters

18 November 2021
  • Vinay Samuel, Founder and CEO of Zetaris and Heather McLean-Thomson, COO of Global Sisters talk about 'Back Her Brilliance' initiative.
  • Zetaris' commit support the Global Sisters' programs through their monthly contribution.
  • The Sister Pitch 2021 campaign aims to raise funds to create up to 1000 new jobs for Australian women through micro business in 2022. 

Q: We heard about your recent support of Back Her Brilliance, can you talk about your involvement and the program?

Vinay: 'Back Her Brilliance' is an initiative by Global Sisters who help woman change their financial circumstances through business. We have been involved for a number of years by donating 1 percent of Zetaris' revenue to their mission. I was asked by Global Sisters to join the Sister Pitch 2021 'Back Her Brilliance' program where CEOs team up with some of their 'Sisters' to provide support of their businesses and help them in their 'Sister Pitches'.

Heather: On the 9th November, Sister Pitch 2021 saw 30 brilliant women pitching their businesses to 30 of Australia’s top business leaders for connections & opportunities- and this support flowed in! You can see the incredible lineup of CEO-Sister matches on the 2021 Sister Pitch by Global Sisters web page. #BackHerBrilliance #SisterPitch2021

Q: What is your (Zetaris) commitment to the program?

Vinay: Our team at Zetaris is committed both financially through our monthly contribution and we support their programs such as Sister Pitch, which happens annually. 

For companies looking to be more than just about making money and driving innovation, Global Sisters offers purpose that is so well linked to the spirit of entrepreneurship. Global Sisters enables women in hardship to use entrepreneurship as a transformational weapon. Start ups and established businesses can contribute a percentage of their revenue (we do 1 percent); and it's fully tax deductible. Our staff love the program and feel that as we drive our business forward, our revenue, in turn, helps great woman start amazing businesses to change their's a win, win, win...

Q: How can others become involved or invest in this wonderful initiative?

Heather: Global Sisters has already supported more than 5000 Australian women on their business journeys. Global Sisters exists to make business possible for women from all walks of life, enabling them to be financially resilient and stand tall. We provide a genuine alternative for women who are unable to participate in mainstream employment or access decent, sustainable work. Women have disproportionately been impacted by the economic effects of COVID, however, women’s micro business is the unsung hero and powerhouse of our economy, propping up thousands of Australian families and communities. Investing in women’s micro business represents a unique and powerful opportunity to create new businesses, new jobs and contribute to economic recovery.

It costs just $1000 for Global Sisters to support a woman to launch a new business. The Sister Pitch 2021 campaign is aiming to raise funds to create up to 1000 new jobs for Australian women through micro business in 2022, see more here.

See the Sister Pitch video here.