5 Minutes with the new member of the Victorian Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Elizabeth Mulhall  

1 February 2022
  • Elizabeth Mulhall talks about her career journey, highlights her greatest achievements and shares her future goals.
  • She explains her role at #TechDiversity and her recent appointment to the ACS Victoria D&I Committee.

Q: Tell us about your career journey and your greatest achievement so far?

I have had a unique career journey into technology. I started my career with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Cultural Studies before heading to Canberra to work in Budget Management for the Federal Government.

Through this I found a love of planning and project management and was brought into a technology transformation project by some supportive executives.

As I developed my career I found my passion, delivering peak performance and growth for organisations through Capital Investment and Digital Transformation.

I have worked on incredible projects, and with incredible people, but I think my greatest achievement has been as a Director of the ‘What’s Hot in Tech’ Program. The Program brings together leading industry experts in the newest technologies for small group conversations with executives. Run entirely by volunteers it’s been incredible to see the direct impact on people’s knowledge and careers through simply bringing people together. 

Q: What is your role at #TechDiversity?

I have been a member of TechDiversity for five years, and am now a member of the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board, and the team at Best Case Scenario, work with organisations to identify, develop, and promote opportunities for increasing diversity in all its forms within organisations.  

I have worked with organisations to become part of the TechDiversity Community, in particular developing their nominations. Then the best part is seeing their work acknowledged at the TechDiversity Awards. 

Q: Why did you become an ACS member?

I became member of ACS as the work they do is central to creating a cohesive technology community both across industries and Australia as a whole.   

Q: You have recently become an Ambassador & Advisor for ACS Victoria D&I Committee; why have you decided to be involved in the committee? 

As a passionate ambassador for diversity and inclusion in the technology industry I am keen to take this experience to the ACS committee. I look forward to working with fellow committee members to not only advance the discussion on D&I, but also find and develop practical pathways that will enable organisations looking to make real change. 

Q: What are your future goals as an ICT professional and a committee member?
Where do I start? As an ICT professional and a committee member I want to be part of the ongoing growth and embrace of technology advancements within Australia. As part of this ensuring that the workforce we develop is reflective of the diversity that exists within in our community. Further to that ensuring that the benefits of these technologies are accessible (and distributed) equitably to ensure everyone benefits not just a chosen few.

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