Amazing tech leader interviews to inspire you in 2022

2 February 2022


Amazing tech leader interviews to inspire you in 2022

Nicola Steel, Founder of JJP Talent Solutions and our Preferred Recruitment Partner, has created a mash up of her podcast, “The Spotlight Series – Don’t Just Survive, Thrive” podcast.  Click on this link to listen to the podcast highlights where Nicola talks to startup founders and senior tech leaders

Here are some highlights with timestamps.

·       Maree Beare, Founder of Wanngi (and more recently Clinials) talking about disrupting health tech and her purpose behind Wanngi (0:33- 2:58)

·       Tony Ryan, Education Futurist, talking about the future of work and if there is a 50% chance that we live in a computer simulation (3:02-5:12)

·       Stewart Marshall discussing how SaaS companies can scale and grow (5:15- 7:15)

·       Jeff Jaraved and Taryn Syratt, Founders of CAAsie, talking about how they are revolutionising billboard advertising and their purpose behind CAASie (7:18- 10:13)

·       Rosie Attwell discussing how she went from a degree in Art to a career in AI (10:16- 12:20)

·       Mike Seidle from Pivot CX providing advice to aspiring entrepreneurs about how to start up, persevere and succeed (12:23- 13:44)

·       David Davies, Founder of AgUnity, talking about how smartphone and blockchain technology helps smallholder farmers lift themselves out of poverty (13:47- 15:26)
Ken Auer, Founder of Role Model Software, talking about the key characteristics of high performers (15:29- 18:36)

·       Simon Keefe, former Atlassian tech leader, advising how to recruit and retain high performing teams (18:39- 21:18)

·       Justin Falk, Founder of TalentVine, provides advice about hiring in a highly competitive market (21:20-24:46)

·       Adam Amos, Founder of Robotic Systems, telling his story and how his company was ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 (24:49- 26:19)

·       Madhu Sundararajan & Abhinav Raje talking about their humble beginnings in India to successful IT careers in Australia and tips for migrants moving here (26:22-28:04)

·       Leanne Kemp, Founder of Everledger, about why she turned down a significant investment (29:07-30:56)

·       Vijay Solanki, Founder of Parental EQ, about being an older startup founder and how Parental EQ helps with children’s emotional health (30:59-34:16)

·       Yaniv Bernstein, former Head of Engineering at Google and Airtasker, talking about the highlights of his career (34:19- 36:58)

·       Miriam van Heusden, Founder of Maralytics, and how her core values have driven her culture (37:01- 38:56)

·       Eli Harrell, Founder of, advising how to grow and nurture high performing remote teams (38:59- 42:01)

·       Evan Cummack, CEO of, providing advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and succeeding in Silicon Valley (42:04-43:55)

·       Mary Callaghan, Senior Director of Product Management at Hitachi Energy, discussing the key characteristics of high performing product teams (43:58- 45:13)


Watch out for Season 4 of the podcast series which starts in this month!  If you would like to be a guest on Nicola's podcast, please email her directly -