Meet Your Western Australia Branch Executive Committee - Jeanene Williams

9th September 2022


  • Recently elected as WA Branch Chair
  • Vice Chair of the ACS's National Diversity & Inclusion council
  • Member of the ACS Congress
  • IT Management professional with 30 years experience of IT


Jeanene is an IT Management professional with 30 years of IT experience consisting of 25 years management and senior management roles. She has a broad range of IT experience including the management of software development teams, infrastructure, and R&D projects. Holding senior level management positions in both public and private companies she has been involved in strategic planning for the entire company and not just IT areas. During her career she has held Manager, General Manager and CTO Positions in a public company. 

Jeanene is a strong advocate for diversity and a supporter of all those in her team, organisation, and professional community. She believes strongly in contributing to the betterment of our industry as a whole and as such is very active at all levels of the community from local to global and encourages her team and organisation to do likewise.

In addition to being chair of the WA branch of the ACS, Jeanene is also Vice Chair of the ACS’s National Diversity & Inclusion council, and a member of the ACS Congress.

Jeanene would love to hear from you to see how the ACS can help members and those in the industry with building a strong and diverse industry, where everyone is accepted and able to contribute to their fullest.


'Meet Your ACS Western Australia Branch Executive Committee' series aims to shed the spotlight on your WA BEC members.