Hear Bruno Pereira’s story of Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Brazil to Australia


  • Hear ACS QLD Emerging Professional Community member Bruno’s passion and trajectory in innovation, emerging technologies, and entrepreneurship. After ten years of developing diverse start-ups, hubs, and innovation projects overseas, he faces challenges and opportunities to work and collaborate with the Australian tech ecosystem.

Bruno Pereira is a researcher and consultant in innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation.

From 2010 to 2018, he was the founder and head of the Inova Centre – a hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology in a public university in Brazil. So far, he has designed a number of innovative projects engaged with universities, industries, governments and innovators, supporting these organisations to develop innovation frameworks, strategic planning, grants opportunities, hubs for entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

In 2017, he had the opportunity to better understand the Australian tech ecosystem by attending the Myriad Brisbane Technology Innovation Festival. He made relevant connections with innovators and local organisations, including universities, members from ACS, Advance Queensland and River Labs. During this event, he advanced conversations about potential research at Griffith University.

In 2018, Bruno travelled 15 thousand kilometres from Brazil to live and start his PhD in Brisbane. He researched and developed a conceptual framework for innovation between established companies and start-ups to analyse how the aviation sector can collaborate and absorb emerging technologies leading to value creation. He investigated technologies and start-ups supported by Plug and Play Travel & Hospitality accelerator and JetBlue Technology Ventures (in the US), Hangar 51 Centre sponsored by IAG Group (in Europe), and Embraer Innovation (in Brazil).

Bruno has just completed his PhD in August 2022. He became a research assistant at Griffith University, developing STEM programs in entrepreneurship and innovation contexts for the School of Engineering and Built Environment and a similar program for the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship in AI, Cybersecurity and Big Data. Additionally, he is  engaged with industry projects focused on digital transformation and technology trends, such as projects for RAAF and Maritime Safety.

After acquiring an extensive background in managing, researching, and supporting innovative programs and start-ups in Brazil and Australia, he is still looking to advance my knowledge and am open to collaborations. Covid-19 brought new challenges and opportunities to people and organisations. So, he has decided to create his own consultancy and research business, ‘LEARN Innovation’, offering services and support for entrepreneurs, industries, universities, and governments looking to leverage their entrepreneurial mindset and innovative project.

Regarding the Australian tech ecosystem, this new scenario enabled a new mindset for universities, industries, and society to absorb and develop innovations across different fields and industries. Bruno came to Australia for the opportunity to collaborate and learn from the past few years. Likewise, he believes that ACS is a relevant player in this new global context, not just supporting new technologies but also promoting a better society and a more sustainable and fairer world.