ACS WA 1962 Prize and 1962 Medal Awards - Spotlight on Awards Finalists

10th October 2023


  • The winners of the 1962 Prize and 1962 Medal will be announced at the ACS WA Dennis Moore Oration.
  • These prestigious awards, sponsored by Professor Dennis Moore AM, showcase the best and brightest minds in WA and are a celebration of local talent, student excellence and the next generation of ICT professionals.
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Congratulations to all who submitted nominations into our ACS WA 1962 Awards this year. We are pleased to announce the finalists for each award.



The prize celebrates the year in which the first digital computer was installed in Western Australia and is sponsored by Dennis Moore FACS. This prestigious prize is annually awarded to an individual Computing/Information Systems student in Western Australia.


Spotlight on the 1962 Prize Finalists

Max Barker

Max completed a Bachelor of Science (Computing) with Honours from Curtin University. Based on his Honours thesis, he had a paper published at the Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Last year, he was a member of the team that won the WAITTA INCITE Peter Fillery award for the best undergraduate project, which was a quantum computing project for Deloittes. Max has now developed a passion for the field of deep learning.


Erik Estevez

Erik completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Mobile and Web Application Development from Murdoch University.

Through the ACS, he was awarded a Google Scholarship and is undertaking a Professional Year Program.  He is planning a career in database management.


Benjamin Gray

Benjamin completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Technology and Systems) from Curtin University. In two semesters, he was in the top 1% of all undergraduates across all disciplines.

He began building computers at an early age and continues with this passion. He works part time in IT and has been accepted into a Masters program. Benjamin aspires to become an IT Manager.


Cory Gyarmathy

Cory completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Technology and Systems) from Curtin University, attaining membership of the Vice-Chancelor’s list in a semester (top 1% of all undergraduates across all disciplines).

Cory has taken part in an ISO27001 (Information Security) and a Right Fit for Risk implementation. He researched and wrote a report that changed the direction of an organisation.


Shuang Li

Shuang completed a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours majoring in Cyber Security and Forensics from Murdoch University.

Shuang undertook a cadetship while studying, where she continues to work while also lecturing at Murdoch University.


Charles Mein

Charles completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Technology and Systems) from Curtin University.

He has extensive IT experience, including at Roy Hill, Water Corporation and now at Bunnings where he is the Release Coordinator.



The medal is named in honour of the year that Western Australia's first internally programmed digital computer was installed by Professor Dennis Moore FACS. This medal is awarded to the most outstanding completed Doctoral research (eg PhD) in Western Australia in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science.


Spotlight on the 1962 Medal Finalists

Dr Nur Al Hasan Haldar

Nur graduated from the University of Western Australia. His thesis examines and suggests methods of predicting the location of users of social media.

The topic is important for areas such as: urban planning; geographic planning for business; and traffic management.

He is now an academic at Curtin University.


Dr Md Shamin Hossein

Shamin graduated from Edith Cowan University. His thesis proposes a deep learning-based approach to analysis of histopathology images to detect cancer in renal cells.

The process of manual examination is a prohibitive workload that can lead to misdiagnosis. Shamin’s research resulted in a robust application for renal cell analysis with high accuracy.

He now works as an Artificial Intelligence Researcher at Komatsu.


Dr Sirui Li

Sirui graduated from Murdoch University. Her thesis merges the fields of knowledge graphs and language models.

Within her thesis, she constructed a practical knowledge graph for the analysis of Covid-19 related information. She collaborated with mining companies to construct a maintenance knowledge graph.

Sirui is a Research Fellow at the Data Science (Curtin-UWA) Research Centre.


Dr Hira Maqbool

Hira graduated from Edith Cowan University. Her thesis examines methods of improving the aesthetics of interactive digital media.

These methods improve the user experience in 3D virtual environments such as games and health-related systems – e.g. medicine, therapy, dentistry.

Hira is currently: lecturing at ECU, creating training programs for the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner; and developing courseware for the Australian Data and Cyber Institute. She is also a mentor for the Girls Programming Network.


Dr Mohammad Mursalin

Mohammad graduated from Edith Cowan University. His thesis enables human identification based on biometrics of the ear based on 3D images.

The ear is unaffected by expression, easily seen and highly differentiated (even for identical twins). The research is important in fields such as security, data science, machine learning and biomedical engineering.

Mohammad is a Specialist Data Scientist at Roy Hill.


Dr Manou Rosenberg

Manou graduated from the University of Western Australia. Her thesis addresses the problem of planning electricity distribution networks in rural areas.

Electricity distribution has traditionally been based on central large-scale generation that are not ideal for sparsely distributed consumers. The thesis focused on AI optimisation away from long power lines, leading to microgrids and stand-alone power systems.

Manou is a research associate at the Centre for Optimisation and Decision Science at Curtin University.


Winner announcements will be shared at the 'ACS WA Dennis Moore Oration and 1962 Awards' event on Friday 24 November, 2023. Mark your calendars! 

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Good luck to all our finalists!


Join us in celebrating the ACS WA 1962 Awards winners achievements.