ACS Qld Regional Roadshow, last chance to register for Rockhampton tomorrow night!


  • The ACS Qld Regional Roadshow is on the road with Principal Sponsor, Pack of 7, discussing Microsoft 365 to Power Your Business. We’ll cover governance and setting up the Microsoft 365 suite for success in your organisation.  Register as complimentary for tomorrow night in Rockhampton (25 July), and Brisbane (22 August).
  • Our Qld Branch Executive Chair Mat Eames will be attending the Roadshow in Rockhampton next, we look forward to meeting our local members in these locations.
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The ACS Qld Branch is pleased to release our 2024 Regional Roadshow Series with Principal Sponsor, Pack of 7, on Microsoft 365 to Power Your Business. 

Our Qld Branch Executive Chair Mat Eames will be attending the Roadshow in Rockhampton next, we look forward to meeting our local members in these locations.

We are visiting the following locations in 2024 delivering evening events from 5pm-8pm with canapes and drinks. Register now as complimentary for

• Thursday 25 July – Rockhampton

• Thursday 22 August – Brisbane


Ryan Wilson, Co-Director - Pack of 7, will talk about 3 important tools that are a must for any organisation that wants to exploit the potential of their Microsoft 365 environment. 


1. The Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 

In this first part of the presentation Ryan shows why the Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 is such a valuable tool for any organization. He will explain how it provides a structured framework for assessing, optimizing, and continuously improving the use of Microsoft 365, ultimately contributing to your organization's success. 

2. Microsoft Power Automate to automate your business processes 

Microsoft Power Automate is a versatile and valuable tool for organizations looking to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance productivity through process automation and integration. Ryan will explain the basic concepts of the tool. As an example that can be applied to any other business process, he will then show the automation of one particular business process. 

3. Rencore Governance to automate the governance of the Microsoft 365 platform 

Rencore Governance helps organisations to maintain a secure, compliant, and efficient Microsoft 365 environment. It offers the full range of features and customization options to define and enforce governance rules for optimal risk management, resource optimization, data protection and cost reduction. Ryan will explain the basic concepts of the tool and he will walk us through the many features it offers.


Following Ryan’s presentation, Eleanor Crosby, Industry Workforce Advisor - ACS, will discuss “What is workforce planning and why is it important? Do you have a plan? If not why not?"

The Industry Workforce Advisor program is funded by the Queensland Government as part of the 'Good people. Good jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022–2032' and is available across varying industries. Industry Workforce Advisors (like Eleanor) are available to be there with you and help you undertake the workforce planning journey. Eleanor has been self employed so understands the challenges and pain points that businesses face with a strong business and finance background spanning 20 years. Simply put, Elanor comes with a lot of business background and is more than happy to share and work with you going forward on your workforce planning journey.This event is proudly presented with our 2024 Regional Roadshow partner, Pack of 7.

You can find more information at the links above.

We can't wait to see you! Register now and see you there!