ACS NSW requires a volunteer mentoring coordinator for its Mentoring Program


  • ACS NSW offers a mentoring program from July to December 2023 to assist NSW members progress their careers.
  • The program requires the help of a volunteer mentoring coordinator, whose role is described below.

ACS NSW conducts a mentoring program to assist with the professional development of our members.  The program is scheduled as two six-month sessions.


Whilst the programs operate for six months for the mentors and mentees, the administration and management require an overlapping eight-month task schedule.


The mentoring program is executed as a six-month program between November and June (allowing for advertising, recruitment, pairing, midsession huddle, and closeout), and between April and December.  The mentoring program administration overlaps.


Through the Mentoring Program, individual members can:

• Connect with and position themselves as experienced IT professionals

• Share the wealth of their experience and knowledge with enthusiastic and motivated individuals

• Contribute to the individual growth of members (mentors and mentees) and the maturity of the profession

• Create opportunities to build and improve their professional networks and communication skills


ACS NSW members are invited to apply through an eblast communication and they complete their application using the ACS Website.   The applications for mentor and mentee use Microsoft Forms.



The mentoring program is administered by a combination of NSW ACS staff, Branch Executive Committee (BEC) members and volunteers, under the leadership of an assigned BEC member.  The mentors are also volunteers who offer their time free of charge for the benefit of the ACS NSW members.


The ACS NSW Mentoring Program is widely recognised as a best-in-class program and is highly sought after.  ACS NSW, through the Mentoring Director, coordinates and delivers the mentoring program, including all administration of the program.




The ACS Mentoring Coordinator works as a team to arrange, manage and direct the Mentoring Program.  There are a number of Mentoring Coordinators depending on the scale of the operation. He/she works with the Mentoring team to manage the delivery of the program, and coordinate budget and resources (including administration of participants, selection, partnering, email responses, marketing, facilities arrangement, catering, presenters and other resources) to ensure a smooth running of the mentoring program.


The volunteer role works under the supervision of a BEC Director.  He/ she is responsible for performing operational activities associated with the delivery of the Mentoring Program.


This role requires regular and consistent involvement of up to two hours per week with some surge in hours to administer the pairing of mentor and mentee.  Attendance for 3 hours at group events is expected by at least some of the Mentoring Team.




Assist with the execution and promotion of the ACS NSW Mentoring program, including the following:

• Ensure volunteers are allocated to support the mentoring program – i.e. pre- and post-course administration, help with any venue setup, answer queries from ACS NSW members, mentors, mentees, etc.

• Collect and collate feedback from attendees to determine if any changes are required to the program

• Work with the Director to promote Mentoring activities - update the calendar on the website, e-blast, reminders, etc. 

• Maintain relationships with the Mentoring Director, Mentors, and Mentees.

• Support members’ queries regarding the mentoring program.

  • Plan, match and manage the pairing process

  • Input into the revision and improvement of existing ACS NSW mentoring documents and processes. 

Assist with

  •  Ensuring that the website is updated with mentoring documentation and event details.

  • Attend mentoring events and assist in the setup and tidy-up of events.

  • Provide timely and accurate feedback to member queries regarding the mentoring program.

  • Setting the program for the calendar year

  • Maintaining the quality of delivery to meet the exacting standards of the ACS

  • Answering queries from potential students

  • Validating the current up-to-date presentation content for each program 

  • Coordinating marketing material

  • Assessing and improving materials based on feedback surveys

  • Preparing joining instructions for the program

  • Designing and managing the update of training materials for each program

  • Evaluating program effectiveness

  • Contribute to team effectiveness

  • Providing feedback to program participants and management

  • Evaluating and making recommendations on training material and methodology 

  • Matches mentees and mentors according to their location, experience and career objectives using the details provided in the member's application

  • Arranges each intake commencing with a face-to-face kick-off session comprising a program briefing, mentor-mentee introductions and an overview of the ACS NSW mentoring portal resources.

  • Manages the health check surveys which are carried out by the mentoring team during the Intake to ensure that mentor-mentee expectations are being fulfilled

  • Seeks feedback on opportunities to improve the program

  • Conducts a face-to-face close-out session with each intake where mentors and mentees are encouraged to share the knowledge and learnings gained from the mentoring experience

  • Ensure volunteers are assigned to support the mentoring program with pre- and post-course administration, help with any venue setup, and answer queries from ACS NSW members, mentors, and mentees

  • Recruits and coordinates volunteers

  • Answers queries from potential mentees and mentors 

  • Engages and maintains a cadre of mentors for the program

  • Facilitates mentor development

  • Tracks and reports on program outcomes


Experience and Skills Requirements


The Mentoring Coordinator is an experienced manager capable of keeping activities on track and organising resources to achieve the delivery of volunteer programs.


  • Must have program management skills commensurate with managing a mentoring program

  • Training management skills

  • Enjoy working in a team environment

  • Familiarity with software tools such as Microsoft Office

  • Must be able to self-manage and drive tasks to completion

  • Good communication skills (written & verbal)

  • Understand ACS's organisational structure

  • ACS NSW Member in good standing 


Desired Personal Qualities


  • Skilful in evoking participation and creativity

  • Adroit at releasing blockers

  • Professionalism, self-confidence, and authenticity

  • Team player

  • Empathy

  • Passion for helping people

  • Self-motivation and self-starter

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 

  • Attention to detail

  • Problem-solving focus

  • Highly organised

  • Flexibility and adaptability




There are a number of benefits for mentoring coordinators:


  • Collaboration and sharing with professional peers

  • Development of professional training management skills

  • Development of professional program management skills

  • Satisfaction of helping others achieve their goals

  • Reinforcement of ACS best practice methodologies and practices

  • Recognition for playing a pivotal role within the ACS Professional Development Portfolio.


To apply, contact us at or contact Richard Hemsworth at 0409 223 766 to have a confidential conversation.