Spotlight on Excellence: Nominate for the ACS WA 1962 Prize and 1962 Medal


  • These prestigious awards, sponsored by Professor Dennis Moore AM, showcase the best and brightest minds in WA and are a celebration of local talent, student excellence and the next generation of ICT professionals.
  • The winners of the 1962 Prize and 1962 Medal will be announced at the ACS WA Dennis Moore Oration.
WA 1962 Prize and 1962 Medal awards_2024 - WA 1962 Prize and 1962 Medal awards

Celebrating Excellence in ICT: The ACS WA 1962 Awards

The ACS WA 1962 Awards, sponsored by Professor Dennis Moore AM, serve as a platform to showcase the best and brightest minds in Western Australia, celebrating local talent, student excellence, and the next generation of ICT professionals. With a rich history rooted in the installation of the first digital computer in Western Australia in 1962, these awards hold great significance and honor the advancements made in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science.

By celebrating the achievements of exceptional individuals, these awards motivate aspiring professionals to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of what is possible. They shine a spotlight on the incredible talent within Western Australia, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

We encourage all eligible Computing/Information Systems students and researchers in Western Australia to consider applying for the 1962 Awards. The recognition, prestige, and opportunities that come with these accolades are unparalleled. By participating, you not only showcase your skills and accomplishments but also contribute to the collective advancement of the ICT field.

Nominations closing date is 1st of September 2024 at 5pm Western Standard Time. A decision will be made in September, and you will be invited to attend the Dennis Moore Oration in mid-October where the winner will be announced.


The prize celebrates the year in which the first digital computer was installed in Western Australia and is sponsored by Dennis Moore FACS. This prestigious prize is annually awarded to an individual Computing/Information Systems student in Western Australia.



The medal is named in honour of the year that Western Australia's first internally programmed digital computer was installed by Professor Dennis Moore FACS. This medal is awarded to the most outstanding completed Doctoral research (eg PhD) in Western Australia in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science.



Your Chance to be Recognized: Shine Bright at the ACS WA 1962 Awards!