Unlock Your Tech Potential: The ACS WA Mentoring Program Advantage


  • The ACS Mentoring Program is an opportunity available to WA members interested in the benefits of being a Mentor or Mentee.
  • Members help members! Share your professional experiences and knowledge with people who have a need in their professional life.

Mentoring Matters!

Mentoring partnerships can be mutually beneficial and rewording. The WA Mentoring Program is an opportunity for ACS mentors to provide the benefits of their professional and real-world experience to mentees. It also assists members to improve their professional skills and seek guidance on a range of career choices.

Why should you consider participating in the ACS Mentoring Program?

Knowledge Sharing: Mentoring allows you to tap into the vast expertise and experiences of seasoned professionals within the ACS community. By participating in this program, you can gain insights, advice, and best practices from mentors who have successfully navigated their careers.

Skill Development: Mentoring provides an opportunity to hone your skills and develop new ones. Whether it's improving your communication abilities, enhancing your leadership skills, or refining your technical expertise, a mentor can guide you along the path to professional excellence.

Networking Opportunities: The ACS Mentoring Program facilitates valuable networking connections. Engaging with mentors or mentees from different backgrounds and areas of expertise expands your professional network, opening doors to new collaborations and career prospects.

Personal Growth: Beyond professional development, mentoring can have a profound impact on personal growth. Mentors can offer guidance on work-life balance, career choices, and overcoming obstacles, helping you navigate the challenges and triumphs of your professional journey.

Benefits to Mentees

The Mentoring Program is designed to support the mentee’s development path. Whether you are a recent graduate, a mid-career professional, or transitioning to a new field, a mentor can provide valuable insights and guidance to help you achieve your goals. Some of the benefits for mentees include:

  • Being able to have an open and confidential career discussion in a neutral environment
  • Learning from the expertise, experience, and wisdom of a seasoned information technology practitioner
  • Having access to an impartial and objective third party to work through current information technology and career challenges
  • Gaining new insights and different perspectives on issues
  • Broadening your professional network

Benefits to Mentors

Mentors recognise the importance of developing the next generation of information technology professionals. By sharing their
knowledge and experiences, they can shape the future of the ACS community. They also benefit from the mentoring role by:

  • Giving back to the profession by helping less experienced professionals improve their skills
  • Reflecting on missteps and accomplishments to assist mentees in their development.
  • Gaining new perspectives from your interactions with your mentee
  • Recognition as a seasoned practitioner
  • Development of mentoring skills

How it works

Mentors and mentees submit an application to participate in the program.

The ACS WA Mentoring team matches mentees and mentors according to their experience, career objectives and, where possible, work or home location provided in the participant's application.

All successful applicants are required to attend a briefing session that kicks off each intake. Once the matching has been completed, participants will receive an email with the details for the kick-off meeting.

Health check surveys are carried out by the mentoring program team during each intake to ensure that mentors and mentees expectations are being fulfilled, and to seek opportunities for improvement and feedback.

The mentoring intake ends with a close-out session. This is an opportunity to take stock of what was accomplished, learn from the experience and provide input so the next intake can be further enhanced.

Eligibility Requirements

Mentoring is a reciprocal relationship, where both mentors and mentees can learn and grow. Together, let's build a supportive community where knowledge, guidance, and success are shared.

The mentoring program mentors are ACS volunteers who offer their time and energy free of charge for the benefit of the mentees.

The program is exclusive to current financial ACS WA members. Professional Year members are not eligible to register as the Professional Year program is specifically designed as a job-readiness program that includes a work placement and mentoring component.

How can you get involved?

The ACS WA Branch is now accepting Expressions of Interest for the new intake of the Mentoring Program. This program can be your key to career growth, whether you're seeking guidance as a Mentee or aiming to share your expertise as a Mentor.

For more information, send an e-mail to acs.wa@acs.org.au with your full name and your preferred role (Mentor or Mentee). We encourage you to take the first step toward empowering your professional growth.


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