Reflections from Victoria Chair - April 24


  • ACS / Deloitte’s Digital Pulse Launch: The largest gathering of 2024 for ACS took place on March 20th with the launch of the ACS / Deloitte’s Digital Pulse. The event featured notable speakers discussing the impact of AI on education and the workplace.

  • Awards and Honors: Congratulations to Nayan Jain for receiving the President’s Award for his work with the Emerging Professionals Committee and the Supported Student Membership program.

Dear ACS Victoria Members

Our events continue to attract growing numbers and the option to participate remotely is being well received.  We have a full agenda of events, for our CyberSecurity, Blockchain and newly re-constituted Data Analytics and AI SIG’s with additional functions brought to you by our Diversity & Inclusion Committee.  Visit the ACS events page for event and registration details.

Our largest gathering of 2024 occurred on 20 March when the ACS / Deloitte’s Digital Pulse was launched. We’d like to thank Ms  Jaffa McKenzie, Director, Digital Economy, Victoria State Government (Victorian Government) Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions, and Peter Williams, MACS (Snr) Chief Edge Officer at Deloitte’s Centre for the Edge for his entertaining presentation on how AI could change education the workplace. ACS were well represented with Ms Siobhan O'Sullivan, AACS, Head of Growth, who gave ACS’ view on the state of the sector; and ACS President Helen McHugh MACS (Snr) who led the vote of thanks.

The evening was also an opportunity to present a President's Award to Nayan Jain (MACS) for his invaluable contributions to the Emerging Professionals Committee and the Supported Student Membership program.  I was also honoured to be awarded an Honorary Life Membership.

Following the successful creation of the Victoria Emerging Professionals Committee, this programme has now spread across the country and EPC Sydney 16-17 May Delegates from most Branches are attending a workshop gathering in Sydney. We are represented by Hari Viswanathan (MACS), Nayan Jain (MACS) and Ankansha Pandey (AACS). The purpose of the gathering is for the emerging generations to guide ACS into the future, they have set the agenda and we look forward to their insights and recommendations.

Remember, our Branch forums are scheduled on the second Tuesday of each month and feature some great speakers and guests. Don’t forget most events are in person with an option for virtual attendance and I look forward to greeting you there.


Dr Rod Dilnutt FACS CP

Chair, ACS Victoria


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