ACS National EPC Workshop: Empowering Emerging IT Professionals


The May 16th-17th, the Australian Computer Society's National Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) Workshop in Sydney brought together a passionate group focused on the future of the IT industry. The workshop delved into the current challenges faced by National and International students, as well as emerging professionals, and explored how the ACS can better serve and support them.

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A Strong Foundation: Listening and Collaboration

The workshop kicked off with a powerful reminder of our core motivation: serving the IT community. Recognising the importance of amplifying the voices of emerging professionals, we discussed effective strategies for listening and gathering feedback. But listening is just the first step. We also brainstormed innovative ways to triage and channel this feedback directly to the ACS, ensuring it has a tangible impact.


Building a Stronger Community: Together We Thrive

Collaboration was a key theme throughout the workshop. We explored strategies for fostering a more inclusive and engaged community, not just within the ACS, but across the entire IT landscape. By creating opportunities for involvement, mentorship, and knowledge sharing, we can empower emerging professionals to reach their full potential.


The Road Ahead

The workshop ignited a spirit of purpose and collaboration. The next steps involve translating these discussions into concrete action. We're committed to developing initiatives that address the needs of National and International students, as well as emerging professionals, while strengthening the ACS's role as a leading advocate for the IT community.

The ACS Advantage: Your Voice Matters

The ACS offers a unique platform for emerging professionals to connect, learn, and contribute. By joining the conversation and actively participating in ACS initiatives, you can play a vital role in shaping the future of the IT industry.

‘It was an immense honour and unforgettable experience to join the 2 days EPC National workshop meeting talents and friends across Australia. I was particularly impressed by the imaginative thought process of our diverse group of ACS EPC national colleagues and management committee in the brainstorming and collaborative sessions , truly uplifting and inspiring. Together, we are proud to navigate the future, confident that with such a remarkable crew, the journey ahead holds endless possibilities.’ Teresa Wong, NSW Emerging Professionals Committee.


Let's continue the conversation! Share your thoughts on how the ACS can best support emerging IT professionals by getting in contact with your local state Emerging Professionals Committee Members, your local ACS Branch or email Alannah Grech, Partner Success Manager at

Article written by Nayan Jain, Committee Member, VIC Emerging Professionals Committee.