Celebrating our ACS Fellows 


  • The ACS Fellows scheme is an esteemed recognition program for ACS members, recognising and rewarding a recipient’s distinguished contribution to ICT in Australia.
  • We extend a sincere congratulations to our latest Fellow, Ryan Ko of UQ! We’ve had 14 new ACS Fellows join from the Qld branch over the last year. See our amazing latest Fellows line up and find out more about how to apply for Fellowship.
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You can find out more about ACS Fellows, see the Full Fellows Hall of Fame and access the nomination form here.

2023/2024 Fellows awarded from ACS Queensland Branch

1.     Mr Geoff Augutis FACS

2.     Mr Paul Gampe FACS

3.     Mr Jason Garland FACS CP

4.     Mr Paul Herring FACS

5.     Mr Chris Jeffery FACS CP

6.     Prof Ryan Ko FACS

7.     Prof Alan Liew FACS

8.     Mr Peter Maynard FACS

9.     Prof Trina Myers FACS CP

10.   Mr Johnny Serrano FACS

11.   Ms Marissa Shipley FACS

12.   Mrs Sharon Singh FACS

13.   Mr Johnny Smoes FACS

14.   Prof Dian Tjondronegoro FACS

Interested in learning more about becoming an ACS Fellow? Reach out to Nick Brant, Chair, ACS Queensland Fellows Committee nick.brant@acs.org.au or Holly Bretherton, State Manager, ACS Queensland holly.bretherton@acs.org.au for further information.